2.91 / 3
  • Kelzy Gene
    11:30 February 6, 2024
    They assisted me in choosing a therapist, ensuring they met my preference for someone who communicates well in English and is straight. I opted for Tuan, a charming and cute therapist. He guided me to a private room after a shower for my 90-minute hot stone massage. I was impressed with Tuan's massage skills and how good he can communicate in English. The massage exceeded my expectations, and Tuan's attention to cleanliness and hygiene contributed to the overall positive experience. Surprisingly, the experience went beyond the massage itself, leading to the best "happy ending" ever! Tuan's caring and attentive treatment made me feel as though I were his own lover. After the massage, I generously tipped him, resulting in Tuan's gracious offer of tea and soup.
    I left Tarzan Spa thoroughly satisfied, eagerly anticipating my next visit to book Tuan once again. The combination of warmth, skill, and unexpected delights made this spa experience truly exceptional.
  • SK
    18:07 January 14, 2024
    I went there on a recent visit to Ho Chi Minh City and will report my experience.

    When I entered the entrance, I was guided to a sofa and given a bottle of mineral water. Then I chose my treatment menu. This time, I chose a 60-minute body massage for 200K. After that, you choose a masseur from the pictures on the iPad. I asked the staff who they recommended and chose one at random.

    I move one floor down. There is a locker and you take off your clothes. There are black shorts and towels in the locker, so I change into shorts for the time being.

    I wash my body in the shower by the lockers. When you finish washing, the masseur in charge is waiting for you, and you go with him to a private room on the upper floor.

    The treatment started. The massage was good. After that, he gave me a head massage.

    After we finished, the masseur wrote down the slip before we left the private room. He asks you to write the amount of your tip here. This time I tipped 500K based on past postings here, and he didn't seem particularly unhappy about it.

    We returned to the locker space downstairs, showered and dressed, then paid and left the building.

    The price is reasonable and I recommend it when you come to Ho Chi Minh City!
  • Kei
    20:14 January 12, 2024
    I stayed in Ho Chi Minh City for 5 nights over the New Year's holiday and this SPA was just up here and I was curious about it!
    Both the staff at the reception desk and the guidance guy downstairs were very kind.
    I didn't have a specific name in mind, so when they gave me a tablet and asked me which masseur I wanted, I asked him "Which one do you recommend?" and he recommended a few and I made my decision.
    When I went downstairs and finished taking a shower, I was greeted bt the masseur.
    He was a 22 year old masseur named Lai, a small beautiful masseur who looked like Jeremy Sumpter (the actor of Peter Pan) with black hair.
    The massage was a 60-minute body massage at 200K.
    We were both shy in the first half of the massage, but in the second half we got over it and had a good conversation.
    After the finish, he gave me a head massage and kissed and hugged me a lot, which made me happy.
    The tip was supposed to be 300k or more, but when I filled out the form with 500k, he seemed very happy.
    I would like to go back again.
  • ひろ
    12:44 January 9, 2024
    I was inspired to go there.
    It was less than 10 minutes walk from Levatan Park. The place was easy to find.

    The system was as the same as the information. It was early afternoon and there were no other customers.

    I decided on a 90-minute Thai massage course.
    Maybe I should have chosen a little more variety, but I confirmed it with the picture and the actual masseur that was sent to me beforehand. It was not so different.

    I was getting a good massage, and he was taking off his clothes and ...

    I was very happy with that.
    I filled out the tip and gave it to him.

    It was pretty good and I would do it again.
  • けんと
    20:17 January 6, 2024
    They sent masseurs' pictures via Zalo and made an appointment before heading over.
    The masseur who I selected was so different from the picture, it was tragic.
    A bald old man.
    I had no choice but to go for a 60-minute body massage for 200,000 VND. He gave me a good massage.
    The minimum tip was 300,000 VND, but I paid 400,000 VND for the service.
    The facility is clean, though. I think it would be better to see the masseurs directly at the spa and choose them one.
    I had a hard time with two masseurs based on the pictures sent to me in advance, but the other masseur I didn't choose seemed to be better (he was handsome when I saw him there).
  • ゆう
    09:51 January 6, 2024
    The quality of the masseurs, the skill and service of them, and the cleanliness of the facility are all excellent.
    I recommend that you ask their masseurs' picture and massage menu on Whatsapp beforehand.
    There was no negotiation on the tip amount while I was taking a massage.
    So when I wrote the tip amount on a piece of paper at the end, I was confused because the tip was a minimum of 300k VND.
    So I wrote 600k VND. The masseur who saw the paper I wrote down bugged me, so I thought it was not too cheap.
  • Hexa
    23:26 January 1, 2024
    Massage from 200,000 VND per hour.
    Thai massage (B to B) starts from 300,000 VND.
    When I visited at night, several customers were looking for a masseur on a tablet. I waited for a while and asked them to show me their tablets and found that there were quite a few masseurs on the list. There were about 6 masseurs were ready to serve. However, I was guided to the sauna on basement first because the room was full. I put on a pair of black pants and went to the sauna. The shower was open, so I took a shower. I was offered a cup of sweet tea. I heard that they are quite busy during the year-end and New Year's holidays. The tablet image of the masseurwas about 20% better than the actual, but he was good-looking enough.
    The staff informed me that a room was available, and I walked up the stairs to find that the room was still being cleaned. After a short wait, I went in. The massage was strong, vigorous, and pleasant, and the 25-year-old masseur spoke to me in faltering English. After the massage was over, I had some extra time, so he continued massage for me. He said he had only been working for a few months, but he was good. I left a tip of 600,000 VND and headed downstairs to the shower room.
    The total bill was 900,000 VND. I thought it was a conscientious spa.
    There is also a dark, upscale-looking restaurant on the street. The staff who called me there was also cute.
  • 化け猫娘。
    23:45 December 21, 2023
    Here's a report on a recent hot TarzanSpa addition. If you register WhatsApp (+84 93 888 66 39) of the store, you can get a lot of masseurs' pictures sent to you. Zalo can't register without a local SIM, which is hard to get for travelers, so I recommend to communicate via WhatsApp.
  • 万華鏡
    01:41 December 21, 2023
    *This is a review of TarZan Spa.
    I was interested in TarZan Spa after reading the reports by 化け猫娘。 and たかし. So I went there on December 13 (Wed.) in the afternoon. It was a difficult place to find, so I recommend using Grab.
    Zalo in Vietnam was recommended, but I could not register at all, perhaps because of SIM I used, so I contacted them via WhatsApp in advance. They sent me a lot of pictures of masseurs. I was also lucky that Wednesday was the 20% discount day.
    The reception staff was fluent in English. Thai massage B to B 60 minutes (300K VND) and a tip was a fill-in-the-blank type. The tip is not given to the boy, but is added up by the receptionist at the time of billing.
    First, a bottle of water was served, and after leaving your luggage in a locker and taking a shared shower, you go to a private room with a massuer.
    Naturally, since it was the day of the 20% discount, I was sure to bump into other customers in the lockers and showers. Some people may feel awkward. The Thai Massage was so good that I was surprised. It was a level of skill that I would have been fine with just a regular massage. I was very impressed with his smooth skin and toned body with no hair, cute face.
    The interior was stylish as it was probably a newer establishment, and the service was good, with tea service at the time of payment.
    To be honest, I would like to go there again because the service was so good. I thought that Ho Chi Minh City is a better place to get a massage than Bangkok or Taipei, which are well-known to everyone. I recommend it.
  • たかし
    01:14 October 23, 2023
    This is a review of TarZan Spa.
    I went to TarZan Spa around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday after reading a review by 化け猫娘。.
    I would highly recommend this spa
    When I entered the spa, a plastic bottle of water was served and the reception staff gave me a detailed explanation about the masseur I was with and the course on a tablet. From among the masseurs, I picked a muscular guy with a not-so-Vietnamese haircut and face. I chose the Thai B to B course for 1 hour (300K) and a minimal tip of 800K.
    The massage was very attentive. He made sure that the pressure was right and that the air conditioner was not too cold. He tried his best to talk to me in poor English. He is a very good-natured boy and I was satisfied with that alone.
    After the massage, he also gave me a head massage, and it was really a great time.
    Maybe I just happened to be lucky to have a good masseur, but he was very nice and offered me a drink service at the reception after I paid the bill.