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  • 09:52 November 12, 2023
    I went there on Thursday, Nov. 9 around 8 p.m. After 6 p.m. the admission fee is 13,000 KRW.
    When I went up to the 4th floor, I found an old man playing with his phone on an ondol, and a small fat man in his 30s sleeping on a bunk bed.
    I thought there were very few cusotmers, but when I returned to the bathroom on the third floor, three new guests were washing their bodies.
    As I sat in the sauna, a stocky 40-something came in and sat a short distance away. Soon we found out that we both were gay, and had fun.
    I felt that hewas also careful to stop moving when someone came over (because he might be straight).
    If I ever come to Busan, I would like to visit this sauna again.
  • かい
    22:58 November 10, 2023
    I went there on a Friday afternoon for the first time in 3 years. The percentage of middle-aged men was high. Many of them liked to be touched. On my way home, I met my type of guy in the waiting room and we had fun. Be careful, there are some guys who will intrude into the room when you are playing. I will go back again.
  • ジョン
    17:27 September 24, 2023
    I visited this place several times at the end of August and in September.

    Basically, the customers from noon to about 4:00 p.m. are, on average, younger.
    I went three times in the early afternoon, and enjoyed the company of guys in their 20's and 30's. But the majority of them were old men.

    After 6:00 pm, I think there were more old men.

    I arrived at Busan on the last train from Seoul and stayed there for the first time because I didn't book a hotel room.
    I slept with a nice young man in his 20s until the morning after having a good time with him.
    When the last train ran out, I felt that the number of customers in their 20's and 30's who just wanted to sleep increased.

    The bunk beds seemed playable more than the ondol rooms. In my case, I was approached in the ondol, and we moved to the bunk bed room.
  • y
    09:15 September 9, 2023
    I went there in September. The price is still the same, 8,000w until 6pm, and the receptionist told me it costs an additional 5,000w if you stay over 6pm.
    To be honest, the cleanliness of the sauna and bathrooms is not so great, so I just washed my body and went upstairs to the nap room.
    It was a weekday around 4pm, and there were more than 10 people there. Someone touched me as soon as I laid down in the ondol room maybe more than 5 people.
    But it was basically light play, not hard.
    I have no idea how to speak Korean, but I could hear a cute old guy saying "Choa? Choa?” If you like older than middle age, I recommend this place.
  • 17:46 September 7, 2023
    Still they are open as of August 2023.
    Most of them are old men.
    But there are some good looking guys in their 20's and 30's.
    I like to
    It is very exciting to see young men being preyed upon by older men.
  • Julio
    18:59 April 30, 2023
  • たけさん
    21:28 March 8, 2023
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    21:10 February 8, 2023
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    06:17 January 14, 2020
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