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  • 化け猫娘。
    09:45 December 17, 2023
    All private rooms have been comfortably renewed with soft beds! Other than that, it is still very crowded and full of the feeling of run-down! There is no heating, and the environment is almost the same as outdoors, so it may be hard during the winter season. So, people were concentrated in the sauna area on the third floor. If you want to play around, I recommend this sauna.
  • rex
    01:41 September 30, 2023
    After 5 o'clock on weekends, there have been more customers, with more middle-aged people and young people feeling proud. Everyone likes to have fun in the steam room, so today I'm almost steamed.
  • 00:16 September 29, 2023
    I entered this sauna just after 12:00 when it opened.
    There were already 5 or 6 customers ahead of me.
    Including an old Vietnamese guy and a white guy with a big bulge.
    As the other reviews say, the steam sauna was very dark, and I was immediately touched!
    You must have a good time.
  • 軽石
    16:18 September 20, 2023
    I entered the sauna at about 6pm on a Tuesday, August, 2023.
    It was a really run-down place. There was a room with a bath tub and the bottom was broken. Don't go in when it's dark without realizing it. You will get hurt.

    You have to pay the admission fee to get a padlock for your locker. They also gave me a towel. You can wear sandals there. The lockers were not built very well and were hard to close.
    Some people write that you can get a bottle of water, but there was none at my time. There was a large bottle in a kind of relaxation room right after I entered the front desk, and a plastic cup that everyone else seems to be using was available. I did not drink.
    Maybe because it was a weekday evening, there were not so many people there, but there were some muscular and young kids.
    The steam sauna on the top floor was so dark that I could not even see my hands.
    When I was about to play with a good-looking guy, an old man came in between us, Thegood-looking guy ran away, I was caught, he didn't let me go, I gave up.
    It was a completely different dimension, and it was conversely enjoyable.
  • 裸の大将
    13:32 September 7, 2023
    Hanoi is proud of this popular sauna!
    Stepping into the premise, you will be transported back in time to Vietnam more than a decade ago. The dilapidated interior, peeling wallpaper. Flashing lights. Unlocked toilets. A fan that scatters heat waves. It is like a theme park full of nostalgia with the synergistic effect of the naughty men who gather there.

    At the reception desk, the owner greeted me with a gentle smile (60000 VND).
    The first time I visited, he brougt me to my locker, and asked if I have enough towels and sandals. He instructs a regular customer to take care of me (laugh).
    The service is on par with a 5-star hotel.

    Sunday evening: full house. I chatted with the owner at the reception desk and waited for a locker to be available. 70 to 80 people? Young to old. hotties to bald dads, you name it.
    While some customers were chatting on the couche, some customers were messed up in a small dark room with smells that I had never smelled.
    When I entered the dark steam sauna, I was rubbed on my breasts and other parts of body by hands that I don't know whose it is... so lewd.

    Monday and Tuesday: Around 20 people at around 4:00 p.m.
    The building was quiet compared to sunday. The average age of the customers was higher, and they were mainly in their 30s to 50s.
    On weekends, there were too many people and I couldn't have a good time, but on weekdays, the private rooms were empty and we could recognize each other and enjoy with Vietnamese old men in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Please be careful about the peak time.
    17:00: Getting ready to go home.
    18:00: The place is deserted.
    19:00: Time is over
    It is better to enter the sauna in the early afternoon or around 4:00 p.m. at the latest to enjoy.

    I was so fascinated by the mysterious charm of this place that I spent my evenings there every day during my stay in Hanoi.
    I think there are many people who feel that the place is full of ruins and cleanliness is difficult, but it is also friendly to travelers. When I lay down on the sofa and let the sound of the horns go by, I felt exotic mood.
  • 化け猫娘。
    01:54 June 12, 2023
  • G
    07:04 May 19, 2023
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    02:36 September 19, 2019
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    18:23 August 16, 2017
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    09:39 October 14, 2016