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  • マッチョ中年
    09:12 July 12, 2024
    I forgot to upload the pictures.
  • マッチョ中年
    09:23 July 8, 2024
    I was there on Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 24:00 p.m. I paid 300 TWD and was refunded 100 TWD on the way back. The sign for each day of the week was gone. I had a great time. I had a lot of fun with Taiwanese guys. Many of guys in this venue looked like they work out and had a little fat. Since I have a more fitted body, I was invited to a number of small rooms for my muscles. Conveniently, I responded to the invitation three times and had international friendly matches with three people. My back is dull.
  • 台湾初心者
    00:18 July 1, 2024
    I went there on a Friday around 6:00 p.m. I took the stairs up to the 4th floor, opened the door, and paid 300 TWD, which was refunded 100 TWD when I left.
    I received a locker key, got into my shorts, and was free to go.
    The customers were all very well trained and it was great. There were a few chubby people and some people who didn't work out, but I think there were about 40 guys there. The steam sauna in the back was also full of people and they played whatever they wanted. It was a great experience, so if you have confidence in your body, please go there!
    There is also a gym on the 3rd floor, so you can go to the dark maze after a quick workout.
  • Zin
    01:29 June 28, 2024
    I went there on Sunday afternoon.

    There were maybe 30 people there.
    Mostly people who work out, it seemed.

    And I'm already over 40.
    I thought I couldn't enjoy.
    But as soon as I entered, I was able to play with a young muscular guy in a private room. I'm glad I'm physically fit.

    There is a night market nearby,
    I dropped in on the way home and had a nice meal.
  • マンダリン
    12:58 May 31, 2024
    Visited on Thursday evening.

    Not as many customers as Soi 13 in or Hans, but there were about 20 people there, which was enough for me. It is better to have this many people so that I can see everyone. More than half of them were obviously muscle-bound. The age range was from 20s to 40s.

    As I entered the dark maze after anal cleansing in the bathroom wearing a jockstrap, a tall macho guy approached me from behind. After checking his huge bulge on his underwear, we went to a private room. We both enjoyed the feel of each other's muscles and got wild.

    After taking a shower, I went back to the dark maze. This time, I tangled with a lean muscular guy in a bikini and gave him a blowjob on the spot. We moved to a private room, and had much fun with him.

    I was satisfied, so I left the store, but the time was still before 9:00 p.m. and the atmosphere was still very exciting.
  • ケント
    23:22 May 26, 2024
    I went there today. There were a lot of young hotties, and the steam sauna, as usual, was full of sucking each other off. I was playing with a hot guy with a lean body, and then a hot macho guy joined us and they were both giving me a hard-on, which was great. The shower next to the steam sauna was full of guys with erections!
  • ヒロト
    02:56 May 1, 2024
    I recently went there and enjoyed the dark sauna, which I recommend because it was erotic.
    I am a trainee, so I was able to get some action from some of the guys, but I couldn't get my type of hottie to ask me out... After watching him for a while, I saw him going into the sauna.

    I followed him and weaved my way through the crowd to get behind the handsome guy. He seemed to be very clear on the surface, but in the dark he became more daring. I could hug him from behind.

    After I left the sauna, there was a young guy and I had fun with him. I asked him later and he said he was 20 years old and that there were many young guys in the evening.
  • ケント
    09:28 April 1, 2024
    I hadn't been there since last summer.
    The number of people started to increase around 4:00 p.m. and the aisles were filled with people. The steam room was as crowded as the commuter rush as usual. People were playing each other here and there!
    Then a shower with an erection. It was amazing.
  • Takayuki
    19:07 March 3, 2024
    I went in at about 6pm on Saturday, and the clientele was in their 20s to 40s, and I'd say about 30-40% of them worked out. There were few big guys and most of them were lean. It's a little far from the station, but there are sometimes good looking guys, so I guess it's okay to go there.
  • 台北好き
    06:49 January 15, 2024
    I went there on January 14th around 21-23:00.
    There were about 30 people and I think most of them were in their 20s and 30s. They were all local people.
    Their body shapes were surprisingly sparse. There were some with a little belly and some without pectoral muscles, but the most common type was probably the chubby type with a firm stomach and pectoral muscles.
    The faces ranged from light to dark, with a few normal-looking men and good-looking men here and there. I like Asian guys here, but that's just my taste.
    It may depend on the day of the week and time of day.

    The interior is built in the order of lockers, dark maze, showers, and steam sauna, but I felt like I undressed at the lockers, went to the showers and steam, and returned to the dark maze.
    The water area is clean, but there is a peculiar smell.

    The steam sauna was as good as past reviews, with many people in the dark, touching and being touched as much as they wanted. You can't see their faces or body shape, but their breasts, bellies, and hips are touched and checked, and if they feel good, their hands reach for your nipples and so on. They did the same thing to me from several people at the same time lol. I also heard some sounds like licking.

    The customers wore underwear in the dark maze, some were briefs, but I think there were a few boxer types.
    I don't think I have such a nice body, I'm in the early 30's with a little bit of pecs and not much of a belly, but a few people touched me and appealed to me.

    Finally, I met a nice guy and we enjoyed in the room. We went back to the Taipei MRT station together because we were leaving at the same time, and he talked and taught me a lot of things.

    I have been to other places, but I think this place is currently the best in terms of size, eroticism, and price.