2.41 / 3
  • Hexa
    13:22 December 26, 2023
    There are few beer bars open in this completely desolate area. It is a miracle that this go-go bar continue to exist.
    Although the go-go bar is full of the seedy atmosphere, there are always a few old farangs around.
    Drinks are less than half the price of those in the Boys Town area. Looking at the menu, I don't think the prices have changed from before the Covid-19 pandemic.
    The pay-bar is 400 baht.
    There are some cute small slim boys and some slender older guys.
    I went there with low expectations and was disappointed in a good way. I unexpectedly invited a go-go boy from Isan area to sit down for a chat.
    It is not as glittering as Bangkok, but there is no glitz and glamour either, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. This is one of the charms of Pattaya.
  • とこなつ
    11:36 September 3, 2023
    I gave it 3 stars out of respect for surviving the Covid-19 pandemic in the Sunee area.
    I went there around 8pm on a weekday for the first time in 3 years!
    When I took a bike taxi to the bar, it was a familiar sight!
    The boys were eating in front of the bar in their underwear and fiddling with their phones!
    This looseness and free-spiritedness gave me a sense of freedom from Japan's controlled society and a life of always worrying about what others think, and when I entered the bar feeling a certain admiration, there were no customers and I saw the boys outside about 10 people came intto the bar after me and went up to the stage and started dancing!
    From among them, I chose 3 people who seemed to be good and invite them to my seat to enjoy together.
    As soon as I started drinking, I had a lot of fun for 2 hours, such as checking the size of their dicks, comparing hardness of them, etc. The bill was 1500 THB and tips for the boys 200 - 300 THB each.
    I spent time blowing away the stress of the daily life.

    Advice for those who visit this bar.
    Forget embarrassment, shyness, common sense, and enjoy yourself as your instinct tells you to win! I think it would be nice to play with that feeling.
    The boys won't mind.
    (They know that they are not as good as the boys at other bars in terms of face and body shape, but they are charming and flirtatious.)
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