2.45 / 3
  • 化け猫娘。
    00:36 June 10, 2024
    Recommendation! I went there on a weekend evening. The clientele is mainly young and very crowded. The cleanliness of the building and the condition of the private rooms are still better than other places. The only thing is that the air conditioner is not working at all, so I was sweating just by being there. On the other hand, it might be better in winter, but the showers here are cold water. It was OK because I had fun with a big guy and a big muscular guy! There are peepholes on the door of every private room, so it is a nice place for those who want to show off.
  • たま
    03:50 January 1, 2024
    Compared to Adam and B Lounge, this is the most clean one (for Vietnam).
    Open at 1:30pm, attracting a good number of customers even in the early hours.
    Many tourists and foreigners come here, and the steam sauna on the second floor is an orgy spot.
    Entrance fee is 100,000 VND.
    The locker room is small, but there is a powder space with a hair dryer.
    Among the three gay saunas, this is the most relaxing.
  • Kei
    08:51 October 27, 2023
    We stayed in this sauna on Saturday, Oct. 14th from 2-4pm!
    It seems that all the locals come here by bike, and during peak hours, the entrance is very crowded, so there was a staff outside to manage the bike parking.
    The receptionists were two rather young guys, and all three of them were friendly and smiling!

    There were about 5 people when I entered, but the number gradually increased.
    When I was taking a shower, I was immediately invited by a local guy who was also in his 30s and muscular, but I wasn't in the mood for BOTTOM that day, so I declined him in the private room (sorry lol).

    As other reviewers have wrote, Vietnamese people were friendly to Japanese people, and after that, they talked to me quite favorably and asked me out, which was fun.

    Oh, when I was taking a nap in a private room, I noticed that the door was unlocked, so it might not be a good place to take a break.

    The entrance fee is 100k VND I believe, and there is a free bottle of water in the locker.
  • ねぶり姫
    23:42 October 24, 2023
    I entered this sauna around 4:30pm on Friday.
    When I entered, there were about 4 customers in the building, and around 6:00 p.m., the number of visitors increased to 12-13.
    A local said, "There are not so many people today." I think the only foreigners were myself and a white bear.

    The admission fee is about 100K VND. Maybe it is 50K VND for local customers.

    The facilities are as other reported.
    Sandals are in the lockers, but they are used by the previous visitors and are petty and flimsy. If you are concerned about it, you should bring your own.
    The lockers are the size of the coin lockers at the train station. If you are worried about putting your luggage or clothes directly into the lockers, you might want to bring a plastic bag or something.
    I'm sure they will change the bath towels if you ask them.

    The inside of the building isn't clean, but it's rather dark, so you can't see the dirt. What? It's kind of slimy! I think it would be better to stop using your imagination.
    The steam sauna smelled sour like tomatoes. It smelled like fried tomatoes and eggs with vinegar. Aroma? Sweat? Intestinal juices? Stop your imagination.
    Two local.
  • アラサー
    03:48 October 15, 2023
    Visited on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 15:00-18:00.
    The street in front of the cruise club is too narrow for the amount of traffic and there are no sidewalks, so it is recommended to take a motorbike or taxi.

    I think there were about 30 people in the venue when I entered. The customers were a wide range of ages, from 20s to 50s. After 5:00 p.m., the number of customers in their 20s began to increase, and there were customers waiting for an available locker.

    The facilities are not as clean as you might expect, but the dry sauna, reclining chairs, and private rooms are fairly normal (the shower rooms are not so nice ...). The building is a three-story building, but each floor is not that large.
    There were towels, bottled water, and sandals in the lockers.

    To be honest, there were too many local guests and I felt out of place, so I think I would be more comfortable staying there when it is not too crowded,
  • 裸の大将
    13:27 September 7, 2023
    Staying on Friday from 5pm-6pm.
    This sauna was crowded with about 30 people, mostly in their 20s and 30s. There was even a muscular guy among the guests of very slim to average body type.

    It had been 5 years since the opening, and the facilities were quite damaged. Still, it was somewhat better equipped than other facilities in Hanoi.
    The Jacuzzi was not in operation.

    As others have reported, some of them meet each other at the steam room, then move to private rooms. Also, someone sleeping on a relaxing chair and being approached by a guy coming to the side.
    Compared to other facilities in Hanoi, I have the impression that the guests are mainly young who are into young, but even as an old man, I could meet some guys.

    I was there for an hour that day...
    Loudly talkative queers,
    peeking into a private room and teasing them,
    persistent to me even after I said no,
    smoking without an ashtray... etc.

    I could not get used to the atmosphere and left early... However, after visiting other gay saunas in Hanoi, I later knew that was nothing special in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Gay sauna in Hanoi. They all are also social gathering places. And they are sexually liberal.
    When a guy meet friends, they have a lively chat.
    They are very friendly to foreigners. They love to watch others playing. They peeps. Participate in it. They smoke wherever they want. Everyone is comfortable and happy in their own way.

    I thought it would be more enjoyable if I could adjust my common sense in Vietnam.
  • 化け猫娘。
    01:32 June 12, 2023
  • タクト
    16:55 June 11, 2023
  • タクト
    11:38 June 11, 2023
  • 短髪
    19:19 January 12, 2023