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  • Ric
    11:15 June 9, 2024
    I had a 120 minutes body to body oil massage. I could feel Ken always took care of the way to start to touch my body, then the warmth and the intensity. The massage was so comfortable that I almost felt asleep, and the deep touches relaxed me internally and externally. Nice refreshments and talking after the massage. I would like to try it again and also other courses.
  • たかし
    00:21 April 17, 2023
    I had a 120 minute body to body oil massage. I was relieved by the solid treatment. Especially my back felt so good that I fell asleep. There is eroticism here and there, and they even do things like this! I was honestly surprised. Also, Ken's P is huge...
    After the treatment, they even gave me fruit. Cospa was the best.
    Very satisfied!