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  • ももちゃん
    19:45 January 6, 2024
    When you exit the station from Exit 4, just go straight!
    You will see a large building on your right. In the front is the restaurant and in the back is Tenmen.
    I went there around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, and there were about 50 customers by my impression. The third and fourth floors are mazes, but the fourth floor was closed.
    Most of the customers are chubby to fatty, around 40's. There are a few young people here and there.
    I think it is a good idea to bring slippers from your hotel if possible, because you will have to walk on the stairs and floor after taking a shower.
  • たびG
    17:54 September 24, 2023
    The location has changed and it is a little far from Chinatown, but it is still easily accessible as it is right next to the MRT station exit.

    The entrance is facing the street, but I don't mind about that, and as soon as you enter the entrance, you will see the reception desk.
    I paid the admission fee for visitor (15 SGD), and they gave me a bath towel, a hand towel, and a key. They also give you a condom and a sachet of lubricant if you need it, but it might be safer to bring your own.
    There is a glass door next to the reception desk, so press the button to open the door and go inside.
    There is a locker space right next to the door, where you can get ready. The lockers themselves are not large, so it is safer not to bring large items such as a suitcase.
    Going to the back of the locker room, there is a bath, sauna, and restroom, and you can wash up in the restroom. There are multiple showers, but be careful when they are in use at the same time, as the water pressure can be weak.

    - Baths and Saunas
    The steam sauna is dark and can get quite crowded depending on the time of day. There is almost no place to sit, so everyone has to stand, but this makes it easy to get involved, and depending on the timing, it can be at the level of a packed train. There is also a small sauna next to the entrance of the bath area, but it has a red light up, so you can see the whole place from the outside. Maybe this is a good place for those who like to show off.

    - Gym & Rest Area
    Not many people seem to use the gym, but it seems to have a full range of facilities. There were free charging cables on the rest area side.

    - Maze on the 3rd and 4th floors
    This is a so-called maze-style floor with several private rooms with locks and mats. 4th floor is open at certain times of the day, and some events seemed to be held on this floor. It is quite dark, so be careful not to bump into anyone when cruising.

    - 5th floor terrace and theater room
    Smoking is allowed on the terrace (and behind the baths on the first floor?). You can see the scenery outside, so it is a good place to take a break.

    - Types of customers
    It may depend on the events held on each day of the week, but 70% of the customers are in their 30s and 40s, and 20% are in their 20s and 50s.
    There are a good number of customers even right after opening time, so I have the impression that it gets quite crowded in the evening, even on weekdays.
    Perhaps it is a regional characteristic, but everyone seems to be very active, so there are many people motioning to me in the sauna and in the maze.

    The fee is expensive for visitors, but it might be a good place to take a shower and have a pleasant time in the hot city of Singapore.
  • たかし
    16:04 August 24, 2023
    I went there yesterday evening at 6pm.
    They say Wednesday is nudity day.
    It was quite dark, so I couldn't see faces very well.
    I think there were a lot of big guys in silhouette.
    In the steam room, there was a fat guy who looked like Japanese, and he was getting touched by a lot of old men and screamed.
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