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  • 高い
    21:49 April 13, 2024
    The local people charged 300 NTD and foreigners charged 800 NTD. According to my local companion, even if you leave once, you can return anytime because they stamp on your hand. However, when I asked the receptionist, he said it was only for 4 hours, so maybe the condition is different if you are a foreigner.

    There were many customers, many different types.
  • ケント
    22:34 April 2, 2024
    I was there again today lol.
    I think there were over 100 people there despite it being a Monday.
    For some reason, there were a lot of young guys and I got to tangle with a macho guy. he had very fair skinned and was aggressive! Food is cheap and delicious in Taiwan. The staff at the restaurant was very kind and I would go back again in a heartbeat.
  • ケント
    09:50 April 1, 2024
    I went there after 18:00. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily.
    I thought there would not be many people, but after 18:30, the number of people started to increase.
    The 3rd basement floor was also full of people.
    I was having fun with a young handsome guy in the darkness behind the curtains, and a fit guy joined in. At the end of the night, we ended up bumping into each other.
    After that, I left the steam room feeling refreshed after having a tall guy.
    The price was 800 Taiwan dollars, but I enjoyed it because it is a facility that does not exist in Japan.
  • Julio
    00:22 March 24, 2024
    Visited on Thursday, 21/03/2024 at around 5:45pm.
    The admission fee was 800 NTD, which was indeed expensive. However, compared to other gay saunas, it is spacious and clean. It is equipped with a beverage bar, so it is very convenient. Basically nudity in the building.

    There are two separated dark mazes overall: a private room and dark room on the second basement floor, and a sauna and steam room on the first basement floor.

    The place wasn't crowded when I entered, less than 10 people, but the number suddenly increased from 6:30pm to about 40 people.
    I was very satisfied!
  • J
    03:12 September 30, 2023
    I went there at about 9pm on a holiday night. There were quite a few customers. A wide range of ages and body types. There seemed to be a noticeable number of strong guys.
    The cruising area in the second basement is a wide aisle, so it was hard to touch other customers. Also, it was too dark to check if they are top or bottom. That was one of the reasons to take an action.
    So we touched each other in a small room with curtains near the center of the room and then went to the private rooms. The small room in the back was a little scary because it was too dark and I could not see their faces at all.
    The mist sauna on the first basement floor was also dark, and several guys touched each other.
    Many people were quite shy, so I could get them when I asked them out. They were glad when I told them I was Japanese in the private room.
    I think that this placeis useful when you arrive on a late night flight or early morning arrival. You can sleep in the rest area.
  • O
    02:10 September 25, 2023
    The admission fee is high! Compared to other places, 800 NTD is too expensive for a gay sauna in Taiwan.
    It seems that the number of customers gradually increases after 6:00 p.m., when the admission fee gets cheaper for Taiwanese, but before that time, there are no good people, so it's a waste of time. The facilities here are large and there are a lot of visitors, so there are always some types of guys, but most of them are probably not. However, the number of people during peak hours is huge.
    If you're going to pay 800 NTD, it's best to go on weekends around 6-7pm. Any other time of the day is a waste of money and time.
  • j
    12:19 September 12, 2023
    I visited this sauna on a Saturday around 7pm.
    They told me it was a nudity night, so I was given a towel, taking off my cloths at the locker, and then went down to the first and second basement floors. On the first basement floor, there were shower rooms and rest rooms. I noticed later that there was also a sauna. I should have gone there.
    On the second basement floor, there were more people standing on the wall side, and even though it looked like an endurance game, people were moving, stopping, and some are watching what is going on. When you go into the dark room, some customers maybe touch you. Since I had a certain strong body shape, when I entered the dark room, I was touched my chest, belly, and then lower abdomen. If you have a good body, you can be touched and licked as much as they want.
    There was one person who was very persistent, and before I knew it, he was wearing a condom and tried to insert into me.
    There were a few customers who looked like old men, so be careful if you don't like them. There are also westerners.
    00:14 September 3, 2023
    I visited this sauna at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 2. 800 NTD.
    It was naked night; they gave guests two towels, so everyone covered their fronts with a towel.
    There were many people in their 20s to 40s, and tonight there was a very old man. I was surprised at him. So anyone can enter, even if noone deals with.
    The dark maze was crowded and touchy. The uncut penis rate was high. It seems like people who have cut penis don't hide it. People with big pecs have always been popular here, so they are proud of their pecs.
    Many people are just walking on the aisles or standing by the wall, and it takes to many energies to keep an eye on them for hours. I'm an middle-aged guy, so I touched and got touched in the dark room.
    The interior reminded me of Rainbow Sauna, an old gay sauna in Ximending, and I feel a sense of nostalgia because it is a relocated sauna. It is a long-established sauna in Taipei.
  • ケント
    22:23 August 20, 2023
    I went there yesterday. The number of people there was amazing, as it is the most popular place in the city. There were so many people in the sauna that I couldn't move. The second basement is a dark maze with private rooms. I had a good time with a handsome guy who looked like a model in the aisle. The B-class gourmet food and Taiwanese beer are also great.
  • Satoshi
    16:24 July 31, 2023
    After 4 years, I went there on a Saturday evening.
    About 3,500 JPY. When the JPY depreciation ends, it will be about 2,800 JPY.
    Pretty bullish pricing.

    The crowd is crazy.
    Many are in their 20s and 30s, and I think if you are older than them, you'll stand out in a bad way.
    It was nice to see many cool guys.
    There were travelers from Singapore, Korea, and Thailand.
    There were very few Caucasians, maybe two.

    It is just hard to touch a guy due to their structure.
    Imagine that it was like looking for someone in the aisle of a karaoke studio.
    You have to have guts because you have to ask someone out in front of everyone.
    And there are some dark rooms, but they are so dark that you can't see other guys at all.

    The entrance fee is high, but if I were to go, I would go here again.
    By the next time I go there, I want to tighten my body shape.