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    17:04 February 11, 2024
    My friend and I went there this afternoon for the first time, not even before I spoke, the receptionist said SORRY ONLY KOREAN AND MASCULINE 🙄so foreigners don’t waste your time and try somewhere else.
  • 一年降り
    18:30 February 4, 2024
    I paid 20,000 KRW at the reception.
    The staff spoke to me, but I didn't understand what he meant.
    Then two staffs came out from the reception, I felt a heartbeat!
    One asked me "Where are you from?"
    I answered "Japan," and he said "OK."
    (By the way, I am 168.63.40)

    Stayed there from 4-6pm.
    There were 30-40 guys in the room, and it was quite crowded inside.
    In the big room in the back, I could touch the smooth skin of muscular guys as much as I wanted, and it was a blissful time!
    I had some fun in the private room, but the big room was more exciting.
    I stayed only for a short time because I had to meet a friend, but I was very satisfied!
  • すん
    00:17 January 15, 2024
    I went there on a Sunday weekend in January around 4pm.
    I think there were about 30 people there, mainly muscular.

    It was dark inside, especially in the big room, and I was touched and licked many times at various places.

    When I got out of the big room and wandered around the aisle, I had fun with a Korean muscular bottom.
    After that, I opened a private room and two macho guys were playing, so I joined them.

    After that, I was having fun with totall 6 guys.

    I'm a top guy (173 cm, 73 kg), so I like small bottom guys, but many Korean bottoms were big, and they like even bigger top, so if you're thin or not well-trained, they may not be interested in you.

    I think bottom guys who wants to have fun with big guy will be a lot of fun.

    There were 4-5 people waiting to shower that day, so if your timing is good, you will be covered with big guys. Please go and have fun!

    Almost everyone played raw, so you play at your own risk..
  • 出張者
    00:37 December 8, 2023
    Stopped by. I went on Thursday night around 10pm and there were maybe 10-13 people there. Maybe 7-9pm or earlier on weekdays would be better.
    Some were big, some weren't. The age range was varied. The age range was also varied. It was dark, so I couldn't see their faces while we were playing.
  • KK
    02:35 November 26, 2023
    Visited at about 3pm on a Tuesday.
    No one was at the reception desk (I rang the bell to enter the club).
    I had a bad feeling, but no one was there
    What do you think?
    Two people came in after that, so I had fun with each of them.
    It is the same in Japan, but if you compromise, you may be able to enjoy.
    But it was the first time for me to see so few people there, so I thought it would be better to go there at night.
  • J
    12:39 November 25, 2023
    I went there with high expectations because I had heard that the customers were "muscular," but maybe it was the wrong time of the day or something, 80% of them were slim.
    In the end, there was no one I was looking for and I just left.
    It would be better to go on a Sunday when it is crowded as other reviews say.
  • 相合傘
    22:59 November 24, 2023
    The staff talked to me and found out I was a foreigner,
    I entered the cruise club without incident and paid 15,000 KRW.
    However, some of the Koreans in the club were very big,
    but their body fat percentage was too high,
    I couldn't find anyone of my type at all.
    In the end, I did not do anything until I left.
  • のり
    18:50 November 14, 2023
    I am 168cm, 58kg, 28yo bottom.
    I went to this cruise club on this past Sunday.
    I arrived at 10:00 AM, beacuse I didn't know what time is good.
    At the reception desk they spoke to me in Korean, and when I replied that I'm Japanese, they politely told me in English how to use the lockers and so on.
    I was able to get in so easily that it was almost anticlimactic.
    Maybe it is not possible to get in depending on how crowded it is.

    Once I entered, I was relieved to find that although the facility was small, it was clean and well-equipped.
    However, I was disappointed that the hallways and rooms were quite dark, since I wanted to see their faces than the bodies.

    When I entered, there were less than 10 customers including myself and it was not crowded, but by 3pm-4pm, I think there were 50-60 guys there.
    They were playing in both the private and large rooms, and it was pretty exciting.

    Many of them were so big that it seemed as if they had gathered all the muscular guys in Seoul.
    There were some slender guys, but I got the impression that they worked out to some extent. I also work out somewhat, but I still think I'm not ready yet.
    If I had a normal body without working out, I would definitely be out of place.
    I remember that the top-bottom ratio was about 50-50. I am bottom, but there weren't a lot of tops as I imagined.

    As a result, I stayed until 16:00 and had fun with 5 guys.
    I was very happy to be able to play with a very good looking guy.
    a guy was so cute, he tried to talk to me in little Japanese.
    As for the size of their dicks, I think it depends on the individual. The above handsome guy was quite big in size.
    I am sure that Korean people in general have smooth skin.

    I want to go back again after I get fit and look good!
  • 先週いったが…
    23:13 October 27, 2023
    I had only good memories at this cruise club, but I was denied entry for the first time.
    I'm working out pretty hard, though, I guess because I'm in my 50's...
    The receptionist who refused me didn't work out at all,
    I was even more upset because the young receptionist who refused me looked not to be working out at all.
  • 出張者
    01:09 October 18, 2023
    I went there on Tuesday night at 10:30pm and there were few customers. Would it be better to go an earlier time on weekdays?