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  • ゆあまいそうる
    00:50 June 28, 2024
    I went on Saturday and Sunday in a row.
    The challenge to enter this club has become an event in a way for me. LOL.

    A Korean friend of mine told me, "You should go there with short hair and light clothes!" So I cut my hair and wore a thin, tight-fitting T-shirt.

    I didn't understand what the receptionist (owner?) said.
    He came out from the counter and checked my body, and I was allowed to enter.

    The lockers had been remodeled and there were more lockers, all with physical keys instead of the touch IC type that was used before.
    The general layout has not changed that much, but there are now two big rooms.
    It is a little less flippant than before...?

    Also, the clientele seems to be different depending on the time of day.

    Early hours: young, lean, muscular (not so friendly)
    Late hours: big (arrogant)
    I have the impression like that.

    But I can say that smooth skin and muscles are the best!
  • controlG
    22:42 June 16, 2024
    I went here at 7:30pm on 6.14 and the front desk asked me to strip down for a body check and let me in. I met my ideal type of boy here, we played twice maybe almost two hours, we changed rooms after our sweat wet the whole floor and I got my first abdominal cramp from trying too hard,. If he could speak a little English enough for us to communicate I think I would love him!
  • O
    10:55 June 10, 2024
    I visited on consecutive weekends, both in the evening.
    The shower room had been nicely renovated, and the lockers and the cruising area had been slightly changed.
    There were a lot of people who were in good shape, so it might be a paradise for those who like big bodies. However, the cruising area was too dark, so it was too dark to see faces. Even if your eyes get used to the darkness, it's too dark to see, so if you want to choose a face, you might need to look around the slightly brighter locker area.
    This place attracts a lot of customers, and it seems that there are no lockers at peak times and the receptionists turn people away. There may be a limited number, but it seems like they will store luggage for a few people?
    Almost all of the people here are in good shape, so if you are not in good shape, you will not be taken seriously even if you enter the store, so if you are not confident in your body, it might be better to go to another gay sauna that you can enjoy. However, even if they are in good shape, there are some people who look quite old or have unattractive faces, so it's like Old Maid.
    If you are going on the weekend, I recommend going a little earlier when there are still lockers left. Also, It would be perfect if the lighting in the store was bright enough to see faces...
  • おひとり様旅
    14:41 May 28, 2024
    I also visited on May 25 and 26.

    1: The entry criteria are posted in front of the entrance, and it is posted as "muscular under 45 years old." However, in reality, there are people who are not muscular who enter this cruise club, so it seems that they are not strictly enforced. Also, since they are spending money on renovations, they should be trying to get as many customers in as possible (more lockers), so I assume that they will be operating with a looser entry criteria.

    2: To avoid unnecessary conversation, 15,000 won is prepared without change. After entering the store, put your shoes in the locker first, and then hand over the locker key and money together for smooth entry.

    3: I think the clerk who is pointed out to be a strict judge is actually the owner. (I visit every month and he is always there.) He is a young pimple-faced brother. I was also denied entry before the renovation, but they let me in after I showed them my body and appealed to them, so your post about the entry criteria being based on body shape and not face is correct. If you are confident about your body shape, even if you are denied entry, you can appeal to them. (As stated in #1, the criteria for entering a salon may be loosely enforced.)

    4: After the renovation, I believe there are fewer rooms than before the renovation, but there are more lockers. There are also chairs in the back rooms, which will make it easier to rest and increase play patterns.

    All in all, this is a very satisfying place, and if you are confident about your body shape, you will have a lot of fun.
  • 一人旅M
    09:17 May 27, 2024
    I am in my 30s.
    I was there for 12 hours on Sunday from 6pm.
    The fee was 15,000 won. I didn't have to show my passport, just an appearance check, and I was able to get in easily.
    I was allowed to take a condom and lube without permission because they were left at the reception desk.
    Towels are also available.
    There were about 30-40 people there, probably because it was Sunday.
    In the back room, there was a lot of body touching, and if you liked it, you could get into it right away. However, it was dark, so some locals wore a light on their wrists.
    I had fun with 7 or 8 Koreans.
    Some of them could speak Japanese and we slept together. The showers and washrooms were clean because of the renovations. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, shampoo, and body soap are provided. I was tired from sightseeing and it was raining that day, so it was a great way to kill some time.
    I would visit again if I had the chance.
  • G
    00:33 April 29, 2024
    Stay from 4pm to 8pm on Sunday

    80% 90% macho.
    It was really amazing.
    I played with 4 guys and they all had great, smooth skin,

    Korean people are too cute 、、、、
  • 東京のマッチョ
    21:33 April 25, 2024
    Thursday, 2024/4/25, 17:30-21:20
    They were open!
    I was in the neighborhood, so I went straight in.

    Clerk "Are you Korean? (in Korean)"
    Me: "No, I am not."
    Clerk "Then the fee is 15,000 w."

    It was a mystery why I was suddenly asked if I was a foreigner without any question.
    Basically, the internal structure is the same as before the renovation.
    The shower has a door around the head, so that you can see everything from the shoulders down. The floor is marble-like.
    The unusual part was that the passageway near the shoe closet was closed, so it was impossible to go around it. Thanks to this, the overall room size seems to have increased. The small window at the top of the room is still there but completely locked.

    At first, perhaps because it was Thursday evening, the clientele was not good at all, although there were about 10 people. But all of them were hanging around naked. After that, the number increased to about 20 people. There were no Japanese. A few Southeast Asians and Chinese here and there.
    Maybe on Saturday and Sunday nights, the clientele will come back. I would like to go on Saturday and Sunday this time with high expectations.

    I left after having fun with three muscular guys who came over the latter half of the night.
  • G
    19:49 April 19, 2024
    The renovation opening was postponed to next week.
  • G
    17:21 April 6, 2024
    They are reopening on Friday, April 19, 2024.
  • あああ
    03:12 April 5, 2024
    It says they are closed until the April 10th.
    Where are all the Korean gays who used to go here going?