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  • ばばばーん
    20:55 October 8, 2023
    I have been to the Tainan branch several times before Covid-19 pandemic. Compared to masseurs in Taipei, they were more stout-boned, perhaps because they are in a tropical country.
    I have the impression that many of the staff are very service oriented and highly skilled.

    This was my first time to book an appointment at the Kaohsiung branch, and when I contacted them on LINE, they replied in Chinese at first, but I asked them to reply in English.
    The schedule of attendance was displayed for each masseur, so it was easy to choose the one I wanted.
    I sent them the number of the masseur I wanted, and they confirmed that it was the right person. When I said yes, a Google Map URL of the meeting place was sent to me. With the proviso that they can't provide services that violate Taiwanese law, and I should come wearing a mask.

    The masseur came to pick me up in a few minutes after I told them of my attire and other details from the meeting place.
    Medium height, moderately muscular, with a cute face. He was wearing a loose tank top and shorts and looked sexy.
    The interior of the apartment is clean and relaxing, although it looks like a residential building.
    The massage was decently good and careful, as were all of my previous charges.

    As I wandered around the nearby Liouhai Night Market, I found the masseur also standing in line at a stall, dressed as he had been earlier.
    (I didn't call out to him.)
  • 我喜歓臺灣
    23:07 August 28, 2023
    Appointed 馬丁 for 120 minutes.
    2,400 NTD for C course.
    He has a lean muscular body and a cute face.
    He said he was 25, but he looked much younger.
    He massaged me seriously.
    I was very satisfied.
    If you like young lean guys, you should definitely select him.
    The place is very close to Liuhe Night Market.
    After refreshing, I had a drink at the night market and returned to the hotel.
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