2.18 / 3
  • JOE
    14:26 May 13, 2024
    I went there after 8pm on a weekday for 340 baht.
    It was during a Chinese holiday, so there were a lot of Chinese people there with their friends, and they seemed to be observing rather than playing.
    I saw the same people at a club in Silom at a late hour, so I guess they were killing time.
    The view is good as there are young muscular & good looking people.
    I think they peaked around 9pm.
    It seems that tall, big body and hairy are popular.

    I might meet a Thai guy who I met on the app, so I didn't play there, I just paid for the entrance fee.
    It was towel day, so I got to touch a lot of hot guys' asses and crotches as we passed each other, so I guess it's a good thing.
  • ぞう
    22:54 May 5, 2024
    Except during the daytime on weekdays, it is full of Chinese people who are there with their friends. If you go on Sundays, you can't move around, and it's hard to leave.
    During the daytime, there were cute Korean girls and Thai girls.
    I am a Japanese in my 30's and I was invited by many people!
  • 直行
    10:41 April 21, 2024
    I entered Sauna Mania for the first time after Corona at 7 pm on Friday night. The admission fee was THB 340-.

    By BTS Skytrain, I think everyone usually goes from Sala Daeng station, but I went from Chong Nonsi station (the station in this picture). (By the way, Arena, a gay massage parlor, is located in the horizontal building on the lower left of the picture.)
    If you go from Chong Nonsi station, you can get there without getting lost on a straight road, and it takes about 5 minutes on foot even if it is hot outside.

    The first thing that surprised me when I entered the sauna was the huge number of people.
    Maybe it was because it was a Friday night, but it was impossible to undress and undress without touching people, even in the locker area. I thought the place might be more crowded than before Corona....
    The age range was clearly different from that of Heaven Sauna in the same Silom area, as there were mainly 20s - 40s, slim, normal, and chubby, and many of them were working out while being diplomatic in all directions.

    When I went inside, I found that the ratio of those wearing pants and those completely naked was about half each. Especially on the second floor, there was a lot of touching, hugging, and pulling each other out in the darkness, and I was very satisfied after all.
    As for the lack of private rooms, there is really nothing we can do when there are that many people in the sauna.
    It was funny to see two young guys who really wanted to have fun in a private room, holding hands and looking hard for a vacant room. Those who wanted to get laid as soon as possible, regardless of the gallery, were playing at the edge of the maze wall or something like that.

    In terms of race, I got the impression that there were clearly more Chinese speakers than Thai speakers. Personally, when I come to Bangkok, I would like to play with Thai people, but, well, any good guy there is OK, I guess.
    On this day, there were also a few whites, although they were in the minority.

    Heaven Sauna in Silom was a good place for a one-time visit, but Sauna Mania is definitely worth repeating. It was really, really great. (Laughs)
    If you go to Bangkok, I recommend this place.
  • France
    22:58 April 19, 2024
    1st time in sauna mania. so close to our hotel in silom. went there by 4pm. crowded by 7pm. had my dinner and went to the foam party. got my guy there. went downstairs to play. // pros- near silom, walkable, gym equipment is complete, condoms lube are free, buffet is good enough (i love the watermelons, omelette and padthai), lots of cute guys after 7pm, // cons- the floor has sharp texture like pebble wash out, bad for bare feet. shower area is flooded ankle deep, sauna temp is not regulated, water pressure is low, expensive entrance 640 b., cubicle lockset could be open easily by outsiders.
  • 狛犬ワン
    12:27 April 17, 2024
    I went for one day during Songkran. As was the case last year, it is very crowded during Songkran, but this year it seemed more crowded than last year. The buffet on the 3rd floor is like this every year, with omelets, stir-fried minced meat, stir-fried mixed vegetables, and pad thai, Other than that, it is extremely difficult to find a private room. However, there is a large room at the end of the line of private rooms, and although hands come out, if you don't mind, it is easy to play there. Many people suddenly touch your chest and nipples, which may be good for those who like it, but not for those who are picky and want to play in a private room. Also, bareback is normal, so in Bangkok, buy PrEP. You can usually buy them at pharmacies.
  • 初ソンクラ
    01:03 April 16, 2024
    I went there the day before the last day of Songkran.
    There were so many people that it was like being pushed around. I had to pick up a used towel to wipe myself after taking a shower because I couldn't move, private rooms were occupied, and there were no towels. There were also many sticky people.
    It is just chaos with smells of guys' bodies. It may be good for those who like that kind of thing.

    On the top floor, there was a buffet which everyone was able to eat. I don't feel like eating very much. There were drinks like coke and highball.

    I paid 650 baht, and got nothing.
    Even when they offered me their hand, I didn't feel like playing. It is better to quit on days when there is a line up outside.
    It was also a good experience.
  • Cc
    20:00 February 10, 2024
    Entered around 6pm on a weekday,
    It is a 10-minute walk from Sala Daeng Station, BTS.
    The customers were mainly in their 30's, and there are not many local guys, but mostly Chinese and Caucasians.
    There are young boys and old men, and there are also a few people who work out.
    It is a good place to stop by on your way home from shopping in Silom,
    Why don't you drop by once?
  • バンコク大好き
    21:56 January 30, 2024
    I entered the venue around 5pm on a Monday evening. Early in the evening it was deserted, less than 20 people, all elderly Westerners. Around 6pm, the place gradually became more crowded with more guys coming in. I had fun with a Brazilian macho guy in his 20s, a Caucasian resident of Bangkok, and he came with hand-free at the end. I heard that that the place would get more crowded at night.
    I heard that it is so crowded during the year-end and New Year's holidays that there is a line outside the entrance.
  • ジム好き
    15:01 January 21, 2024
    I went to this sauna on a Saturday night and there were over 100 people who were muscular or even more there. There were a lot of Chinese, but because of their Chinese character, they were friendly and talked to us. In the maze-like aisles, touching was just greeting. I enjoyed myself because I was approached by many guys, perhaps because I was well-trained.
    I had only been to Chakran before, but Mania was definitely better for me!
  • 激混み
    09:12 January 5, 2024
    Nowadays, the number of Chinese visitors is increasing, replacing the Japanese who used to be very active in the past. I guess it can't be helped that Thailand is a tourist nation. However, I enjoyed the many good-looking people there. I went there during the year-end and New Year's holidays, and there was a huge line.