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  • JOE
    16:14 May 13, 2024
    The beach is all Westerners, so I expected the clientele here to be the same, but there were quite a few Chinese.
    There were also quite a few young, fit Thai guys, but not many fun-loving ones.
    I was touched by a manly nice Chinese guy and a Thai guy, but they were TOP as same as me, so they released me and never got involved.
    In the locker room, a young Thai guy and a handsome western muscular guy were in a sweet mood, and I was glancing at them, thinking how nice it would be afterwards.And them he was begging me for 200B.
    It was getting late, so I went to a restaurant in the sauna to eat.
    I ordered a green curry and was asked to choose a mild spiciness.
    It was not spicy, full of vegetables, and was so good that I drank up all the soup.
    Between you and me, my stomach was in trouble the next day!

    In Thailand, they don't have lubricants in the room, so it is better to bring your own since the package of lube is the same size as a condom you get at the reception desk is not enough.
  • kei
    13:00 April 29, 2024
    I went there on Sunday, April 28, around 3pm.
    The fee was 230 baht and there were about 50 people there.
    The clientele was about 50% farang, 40% Thai, and others.
    There were no Chinese.
    When I was standing at the back of the second floor, a farang invited me into a private room. I left the place after having fun with 3 guys in 2 hours.
    The air conditioning was not working except on the second floor, so it was tough.
  • おまんこ
    18:37 April 6, 2024
    I am a resident. I expected that it would be a place full of old farangs, but there were a couple of super cool Thai guys there. However, there were one or two very cool Thai guys, so I don't think it was a bad place at all. However, as I like young guys, I personally would not repeat this experience.
    I would rather go to Bangkok.
    I would be happy if there was a development center for young people in Pattaya. It's a pity.
  • 広州太郎
    16:28 January 4, 2024
    I dropped by on my way back to Jomtien around 6 pm on January 3.
    The facilities are luxurious compared to gay saunas in Japan, with a swimming pool and sauna.
    The second and third floors are like a labyrinth with private rooms and circulation. The steam sauna and regular sauna were on the third floor.
    The 4th floor was too dark for me to understand.
    The clientele was about 70% Caucasian. There were not many Chinese. There were not many Thai locals either.
    If you like Caucasians, it is worth visiting.
  • 孫悟空
    01:52 November 24, 2023
    This is the only gay sauna in Pattaya, so I go there at least once every time I go to Pattaya.
    I went on a weekday at 15:00, but there were only old European and American men.
    There were no young guys.
    Of course, everyone is working or going to school, so you need to visit there at night or on weekends to see young people.
    However, I recommend relaxing by the pool.
    You should bring your own sandals.
    I paid 200 baht for the entrance fee and got 50 baht back.
    I didn't feel like a local, but a tourist.
    I didn't speak a single word of Thai, or rather, I don't speak it!
  • ロック54
    21:50 September 28, 2023
    Whenever I visit Pattaya, I always go to this sauna.
    (I don't know any other gay sauna in Pattaya, but this might be the only one.)

    Entrance fee is 200 THB.
    In the price list, I also saw 150 THB for some customers.
    I wondered if there was a difference between the Thai price and the foreigner price.
    The Westerner who was at the reception desk before me also paid 200 THB.

    I entered around 5:30 p.m. on a weekday (Tuesday), and there were a fair number of customers.
    There were a good number of Thai guys. The rest were Europeans, Americans, Chinese, and a Japanese couple.
    (I also saw this Japanese couple at Jomtien Beach in the afternoon that day.)

    I played and swam in the pool, and just had a good time.

    By the way, there is also a guesthouse, and breakfast and sauna entry are free for those who stay there.
    It is located off the street, so it is not noisy and you can have a relaxing gay vacation.
    However, it is located between Jomtien and Boys Town, so it might be a little inconvenient.

    Information as of September 5, 2023
  • アラフォー
    15:27 September 3, 2023
    I usually go there on the last day of my trip.
    I always take a cheap late-night flight back from Suvarnabhumi Airport, so after checking out of the hotel, I finish lunch, go into this gay sauna, and enjoy my last cruising as I bid farewell to Pattaya, which I enjoyed so much, and then take the airport bus from Jomtien.
    This time, I entered before 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, paid 200 THB admission fee to the usual unfriendly receptionist, received a receipt with my locker number on it, left my suitcase in front of the locker room, exchanged my receipt for a locker key, changed into a bath towel in my locker, and GO!
    There were 5 people (3 farang and 2 locals) relaxed on summer beds. After sweating in the sauna, I explored the 2nd, 3rd and attic floors. There were about 10 people waiting to get laid in the steam room on the 3rd floor and the attic floor, so I had a quick tangle with them. There was a rare Westerner of about 30 years old among them, so I had a good time with him!
    It was another fun Pattaya experience!
  • 南十字星
    12:32 July 19, 2023
  • ゆーさん
    19:33 June 26, 2023
  • Hiro
    23:32 April 22, 2023