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  • AK
    18:36 October 2, 2023
    I went there alone on a Friday night.
    It was a small bar with 4 seats at the counter and about 5 tables. It was not noisy, but a place where you could spend your time calmly.
    I stayed for about 2 hours, but it seemed that local regulars took turns having a quick drink and quickly leaving.

    A cute boy in his twenties was working there, and he was very friendly and helpful.
    He let me choose the background music in the bar with him, taught me table games, asked me questions about Japan, etc. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable.
  • Kinky
    13:43 August 25, 2023
    This is a gay bar with a rainbow flag in an alley adjacent to the "PUB STREET" in Siem Reap.
    It was a Monday night when I visited.
    Most of the customers were Westerners and the rest were locals. There were three attractive waiters.
    The staff and customers were all at home, and the atmosphere was so relaxing and comfortable that I couldn't believe I was here for the first time.
    The staffs were very friendly to Japanese people.
    Siem Reap is the base city of the Angkor Complex, and after a long day of visiting the Angkor Complex, a glass of Angkor beer was delicious. lol.
    I recommend this bar.