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  • こう
    21:08 February 23, 2024
    I entered around 10pm on the 22nd. No checks from the staff at all.
    There were about a little over 10 customers, but there were quite a few flirtatious BOTTOM and they were aggressive so much.
    In particular, there was a somewhat petite, good-looking BOTTOM, and we played with this guy in the larger room below. It was fun that he wanted a lot...
  • りゃん
    22:47 January 16, 2024
    They seemed to have accepted foreigners, in fact, they even confirmed that I was ok even though there were only 2 people inside!
    I wonder if some guests were upset that there was no one in the venue.
    I hadn't been in there for about 6 months, but there were more rooms and a restroom on top of the building.
    Also, the price has been reduced to 10,000 won during the day and 13,000 won at night.
  • 123
    14:30 January 14, 2024
    I thought this place maybe refuse foreigners, but there were foreigners inside.

    I had a good time.

    I would like to go again.
  • S
    17:53 September 12, 2023
    I will translate 無名's image information.

    Conditions for not being admitted
    Over 50 years old
    Drunken person
    Over 100kg

    According other reviews, it seems that they do not check that strictly.
  • ばん
    01:06 September 4, 2023
    Even in July, they said no foreigners allowed.
    At the entrance, a staff talked to me in Korean, and when I didn't understand, he asked me "Where are you from?" in English
    I answered "Japan," then I was able to enter the sauna without being told anything after that.
  • 無名
    14:55 September 2, 2023
    It seems that the management has been replaced and basically "no foreigners allowed".
  • こう
    09:32 August 17, 2023
    I went there again on 16th, August.
    I stayed from 21:00 and there were definitely not many people, maybe 5 to 10.
    I just want to have fun in a regular way, so I feel this place is right for me.
    Most of the people were in their 30's to 40's, and some were overweight sometimes. I played with an average looking guy.
    However, foreigners were asked to pay extra. This was the first time there!
  • M
    03:58 August 13, 2023
    I went there for the first time on Thursday, August 10.
    When I entered the cruise club, they confirmed that I was Japanese and I was able to smoothly enter the place.

    Both rubbers and lubes were available in the place, and there was also a shower.
    You can borrow a towel, too.

    I didn't realize that there were two floors, and when I was on the lower floor at first, I thought it was a very small place, but a kind man told me there was an upper floor.

    As it was a weekday, there were only three people, and none of them looked young.

    I thought the gentleman was going to ask me for something in return, but he didn't ask me for anything and told me many things.

    He told me that young people don't come here on weekdays and that this is a place for locals to come, so there are not many cool people.

    The reviewer who visited there 3 days before I visit, was that really this place?
  • こう
    07:03 August 7, 2023
    I went to this sauna on a Saturday around 9pm.
    The receptionist asked for my passport, then I was allowed to get in with no problem.
    At first there were about 5 people, gathered in a large area downstairs. I played with a guy quickly there.
    I dozed off and noticed that there were about 20 people around midnight. About 6 guys who have good shape of body gathered in a large room on the upper floor and started kissing and more each other. I was in on it and there were also two muscular bottoms, and we were doing them in front of everyone watching.
    After that, I got sleepy and went downstairs to lie down again, and some bottoms got involved with me.
    Of course, some guys were playing in private rooms, but there were also people played in a large place, and I enjoyed to joining them.
  • らぽ
    15:45 March 25, 2023