2.68 / 3
  • Henry Jekyll
    19:12 March 24, 2024
    Was last here in October on my first visit to the city and had such a good experience - I returned on my second visit. Had a very soothing and attentive robe massage from Garen. Very handsome and pleasant. Can’t wait for my third visit to Taipei this fall - I hope he is still there!
  • 大安駅
    00:53 February 18, 2024
    I ask Darren (戴倫) for the first time in a while. I had asked him the day before, but about two hours before the appointment, I received a message from the spa saying, "How about Ben (班) instead?" I declined because I didn't like tattoos on the arms. I was a little disappointed because I felt that Darren was a little less skilled than I had expected.
  • Kei
    08:07 January 12, 2024
    At the beginning of the year, this was my second visit to the spa, and I chose Gino.
    He was really good at massaging, and his slightly strong touch was perfect for me!
    We talked a lot in English, and Gino told me about the gay bars he recommends.
    By the way, he has been so busy with his private life that he hasn't been able to go to the gym at all, but he still has a good body and is very muscular!
    The second half of the session, I can't write the details here, but it was so satisfying that I was like, "He even do that for me?" I was so satisfied!
    But then, there was a problem!
    I was tired from the trip, and for the first time in my 30 years of life, I got a cramp in my foot.
    But Gino noticed it right away and took care of my foot.
    I was so sorry that by the time I went to the shower, it was already past my time, even though it seemed he had another appointment.
    He was busy cleaning the room for the next appointment, but he didn't seem to mind and gave me a kiss and a hug when I left the room.
    I was really happy with Gino this time, as I was with Darren the first time!
    I had a wonderful time ^_^!
  • 台北大好き!
    23:15 December 19, 2023
    Unfortunately, the website was in error, and the popular masseurs Gino and Darren were absent, so I asked Oscar, a newcomer, to be recommended to me. He was 180cm tall, 74Kg, had a model-like face, a toned body that had not been overtrained, and the awkwardness characteristic of new masseurs, but because he did not have the professionalism of Gino and Darren, he was friendly and kept smiling throughout.
    The massage was neither strong nor weak. After the massage, I felt it was effective.
    On the other hand, the second half was extreme.
    I also recommend newcomers like him.
  • オクマ
    15:44 December 5, 2023
    Mr. J. He was not bad by any means, but his service level was low compared to Darren's and Gino's. He asked me if I was cold or if the massage hurt, but the latter half of the session was too indifferent, and I felt that he wanted to finish quickly. It is a pity because his body is big and plump, and he has a great bulge.
  • Midori
    11:14 November 16, 2023
    I booked GINO, who is recommended by other reviewers.
    His body was firmer than his picture and his face was so cool and cute that I was thrilled from start to finish.
    The first 60 minutes was a general massage and the second 60 minutes was a special massage with oil!
    I will definitely book again!
  • はまゆう
    18:53 November 9, 2023
    I went there for the first time in 6 months.
    I booked Dong for a 120 minute course, 60 minutes of massage, 30 minutes of oil massage, and the remaining 30 minutes of extra service. The content was very professional.
    The website blurs his face, but he is the same person who shows his face at another spa. I didn't notice at first because he was wearing glasses, but I recognized him in the shower. I think he may be a hang-up.
  • ゆう
    11:08 November 4, 2023
    I'd rather not mention the masseur's name who served me.
    He has a good skills of massage.
    It was great.
  • shin
    16:48 October 24, 2023
    I took massage by Gino. His body was more plump than his picture, but he was well-muscled and had a physique that I liked. His English is not so good, but he spoke to me kindly, smiled at me, and gave me perfect service other than massage. When I showed them my phone to confirm my reservation, they checked the charge level and brought me a charger without me having to ask.
    I'm almost a little jealous if they are responding the same way to everyone lol.
  • 08:18 September 27, 2023
    I made a reservation with HUNK, but I made a mistake in my appointment time and asked Durren who was available at that time, Durren was very thorough in his service, and out of the 90 minutes course, 60 minutes for strong massage, 10 minutes for extra, and after 10 minutes, we took a shower together. I felt the extra time was short but good. I thought he had the great technique that someone had written about. When you receive only lax service in Thailand, you can feel good and pay well for a solid service like Durren's. I am sure that if I was his type, he would have spent more time with me, but even if I was not his type, I was satisfied with the service I received from him.