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  • らお
    02:57 February 23, 2024
    Visited three times in February.
    They all seem to be straight.
    Only two boys from Myanmar were my type. They seemed to be the only ones who were popular with other customers, and they were also taken aout. They could not speak English.

    Popular go-go boys don't participate in the show of jerk-off. There was an atmosphere of not letting them out in the store because they knew they would be paid off. Boy has Kamagra jelly hidden in his pocket.

    The pay bar is 500 THB and the boy tip is 2000 THB.
    Drinks, 200 THB for customers, 300 THB for boys, and they gulp down coke disguised as whiskey cola. The most popular boys drink to the customers. If you want to take a boy out, it might be better to go early than to spend money on drinks.

    There is a waiter in his 50s who speaks simple Japanese.
    I left the bar without even watching ejaculation because I felt it was more expensive than past posts, but it is still a bit cheaper than Bangkok, so I am furiously thinking that I could have played if I was the type.
  • ロック54
    21:31 November 6, 2023
    200 THB.
    There is no uniformity in the pants worn by the boys.
    The quality of the boys was not good. None of the boys were cool or cute.

    When I entered the bar, there was only one customer, an old man from Europe.
    The old man called the boys one after another and touched their bodies and dicks,
    He was giving them tips.

    The boys were on the stage, looking at his phone and shimmying in his pants,
    "Call me! Call me!" Their appeals were amazing.

    It was very appealing, full of the atmosphere of the place, and the lewdness was also very good.

    (Information on September 4, 2023)
  • にょ
    00:04 September 13, 2023
    This is a long-established boys go-go bar.
    There used to be a few gay boys here, but now it's a gathering place for boys who are trying to make some extra earnings by collecting straight guys working in the construction industry in town.

    Personally, I like this bar and always stop by at least once when I visit Pattaya. Basically, you can play anything you want as long as they don't mind, and if you pay for the act, they will perform it for you.
    Often, farangs throw coins and various other ways to play, so you can basically refer to those.

    There is also a boys' bar called WINNER nearby, which plays a good performance without rip-offs.
    For some reason, the local people don't like the Sunee neighborhood, which gives a bad impression. However, I have been there dozens of times and have never been ripped off.

    It is a very good, long-established go-go bar.
    I recommend it.
  • クチュリポ
    13:01 August 22, 2023
    I recommend you guys to visit this bar from the opening.
    I went there at 8pm on Monday.
    There were 7 or 8 boys in the bar and they to show off their big dicks from the boxer underwears.
    The drink fee is 200B, 300B if you pick a boy and let him drink next to you. Plus 300B if the boy masturbates and ejaculates next to you.
    The staff speaks Japanese, so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off. This is a great place to stop by when you come to Pattaya.
  • たつやん
    00:53 August 14, 2023
    As the store information indicates, this is a go-go bar where all naked is the norm. The staff speaks Japanese, so communication is easy.

    There were about 10 boys, and a cute boy about 22 years old. It depends on your taste. LOL.
    When they are not serving customers, they are all very lazy, but you shouldn't worry about it. That's just the way it is.

    The pricing may be bullish, but for a few hundred baht or so, you might as well pay extra and staff will be more friendly.

    I played with a 22 year old boy who sat next to me and made him get naked and masturbate all by himself in the bar. Until he cum, of course.
  • ky
    05:00 August 29, 2022
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    19:52 March 15, 2021
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    21:01 February 17, 2021
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    21:00 February 17, 2021
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    00:09 November 2, 2020