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  • TabiGayNin
    14:00 January 20, 2024
    I went there to use only the gay sauna, but it was 300K (expensive!) for just the sauna, and 450K (average!) for a 60 minute massage. So I got a massage as well.
    I changed into the hot pants in the locker, took a shower, and went to the massage reception.
    You can select a masseur from a tablet. But I couldn't choose one because they all looked alike.
    I told the staff that I wanted a young guy with good skills of massage.

    After a while, the masseur appeared and led me to the massage room.
    The room was not a completely private room, but was separated from the next room by a curtain.
    I could not see other customers, but their voice leaked out.

    The massage was in the style of Thai massage with oil.
    His massage was skillful and careful.
    During the massage, when he stroked my anus, it felt so good that I involuntarily lifted my hips.
    When he found out that I was feeling it, he continued that service ...

    After the massage, I returned to the reception.
    I told the receptionist that I wanted to give him a tip, and he replied, "Then please give it directly to him here."
    There was no amount specified and it seemed to depend on how I was satisfied.
    I returned to my locker, took cash out of my wallet, and handed him 200K.
    He took it without checking the amount and smiled at me.

    There was no "money, money, money" atmosphere at all, and the service was very pleasant.
    I was very satisfied.

    After the massage, I went to the sauna.
    There was a dry sauna, a steam sauna, and a jacuzzi with warm water.
    The other guests seemed to be relaxing before or after their massage.
  • 9/26
    19:29 September 27, 2023
    Is this a men's massage for straight people? That's my impression. The interior is also like that.
    If you go there to expect something sexy, you will feel like you are missing out.
    I was disappointed because an old man was in charge. But the technique was great.
  • げどう
    09:56 February 5, 2023
  • Doggy
    21:08 August 31, 2022
  • ゆきや
    22:10 November 6, 2019
  • ニノ
    00:21 March 25, 2018
  • 旅先案内人
    02:49 April 15, 2015