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  • Hello
    23:36 December 28, 2023
    I went to this place last night around 10pm. It was a weekday and there were maybe 20 people there. There were a lot of people who looked working out, from slim to beefy. "Top" has a band on his right hand. Yesterday was a good day for me as about half of them were "top." 3 of them and I had fun in a private room.
  • Lin
    15:26 December 3, 2023
    It offers condoms. You can buy the lubricant at the reception and it’s 500yen. The boss and the place are both really nice.
  • けものの
    07:29 July 24, 2023
    I went there during the holidays. It was clean. It is a nice place. There were mainly young people and many locals. I enjoyed Okinawa because there were many hot men there personally. Because I am a tourist? I was approached by one after another.

    There is only one restroom, so we sometimes had to wait. There are two showers, so it is no problem. Also, lube was charged.

    There is only this cruise club and one other gay sauna in Okinawa, and I heard that the other one has many old men, so I think young people gather here.
  • HOP
    00:47 April 6, 2023
    The staff was friendly and the store was very clean. I was invited by Macho-kun, a Taiwanese who came on a trip, and was able to have sex.
  • だいき
    21:20 October 5, 2022
    I thought it was a nice place with a clean interior, a variety of people coming in (young, macho, etc.), and some sense of security!
  • 20:34 June 22, 2022
    When I went there for the first time, it was a great place to be kindly explained and well received! When I went, there were many young people
  • 00:03 June 20, 2022
    I think that people from outside the prefecture can come and the private rooms are clean and yeah.
  • こう
    19:43 June 14, 2022
    A lot of people come in a wide range of body shapes and ages. It gets excited even late at night.
  • T
    23:20 April 2, 2022
    There are quite a lot of young people!
  • しゅう
    17:37 December 24, 2021
    I often go late at night on weekends! When there are many locals and tourists, there are more than 20 people, and there are various types to enjoy.