2.57 / 3
  • 生春巻
    03:54 January 18, 2024
    I went to this sauna Sunday.
    Totally different atmosphere and groove before and after dark.
    Vietnamese machos were there and I enjoyed it!

    4pm. There were quite a few people in the locker.
    A Chinese-looking, stocky guy invited me into the private room with a smile. It had been less than 30 minutes since I entered!

    We sat on the terrace at sunset eating free noodles and he told me that it's great after dark. He also gave me some other information about Vietnam and we said good-bye.

    When it got dark, club music and smoke started playing! Lasers started flying and it was time to get naked!

    The sauna, which had been sober until a few minutes ago, was now naughty with the lights dimmed. A young muscular guys were playing in the steam room, so I joined!

    The maze on the second floor was crowded like a packed train.
    The men are all completely different.

    When I returned to my locker, the door to the "ONSEN" was open, and when I went up the stairs, this place was also very crowded.

    It's 7:30pm. It was still crowded.
    I went to my locker thinking that I had enough fun and I should go home.
    The first guy was just there and asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner. I said yes, of course. And we rode a motorcycle to go to a Vietnamese pub along the river, which he recommended!

    After dark, the customers were younger and I think there were about 100 people. There were also a few muscular guys.
    I had a great time, made some cute friends, and had an experience I've never had in Japan.
    I would like to go again!
  • 化け猫娘。
    01:15 January 14, 2024
    I went on a weekend evening, but the main bath was closed. The flimsy carpets in the private rooms are gone, and the rooms are now completely boarded up, with towels on the floor, but the hardness is still the same, and it hurted my knees while playing. The private rooms at Galaxy Sauna have fluffy mattresses so you can have fun without worry.
  • Kei
    20:26 January 12, 2024
    We went at about 3pm on Dec. 31 and it seemed like there were gay people from all over the world and from many different countries, I think there were over 100 people there.
    The receptionist and guide boys were very kind and all of them were fresh and handsome.
    The facilities were like a gay paradise, and many people were friendly and talked to me when they knew I was Japanese.
    In the evening, music started playing like in a nightclub, and the lights were shining.
    There you can eat and drink beer, and I had noodles in a salted soup with a delicious macaroni-like filling.
    Including the cost of the meal, I think it was about 190k, which was the bill when I left.
  • PCD
    22:09 November 20, 2023
    I went there on Nov. 4th. When I entered the sauna, I had a bad feeling because there was a dispute between Chinese customer and the staff in the parking lot. Even inside the venue, some Chinese customers talked loudly and spit everywhere, even though the staff was warning them. The sauna was clean and had various facilities, and the staff were all kind and good-looking, and I enjoyed myself, but with some ill-mannered people, the atmosphere was like a super-public bathhouse, I did not feel myself getting horny.
  • アラサー
    20:13 October 9, 2023
    Visited on Thursday, Octover 5, 2023 from 15:00-19:00.
    The number of guests was about 10 at first, although it gradually increased after 17:00,
    At the same time, it started raining heavily, and as a result, there were about 20 guests in the venue.
    The customers were mainly local guys around 40 years old. There were a few 20-somethings here and there, as well as a few tight, short-haired, good-looking men.

    On the other hand, I was very impressed that All the staff were really cool and cute! LOL!
    They all had a shapely style and wore short shorts, and their faces were of the refreshing Korean type, the cute double-eye, the crisp and cool type, and more...
    There are uncovered areas in the facility, but I was happy with their smile as they guided me around with umbrellas in the rain, lol!

    It was very eye candy‼️
  • rex
    00:49 October 4, 2023
    Am I in Bangkok? No, I'm in Ho Chi Minh. This is an unforgettable place, filled with young people who are proud, careful, and everyone is happy. I think I love this place. If I visit Ho Chi Minh again, I will definitely come back
  • ゆう
    20:55 October 3, 2023
    As for the facilities, I agree with other reviews.
    About their massage service, you can see the menu and photos of the masseurs at the spa reception. There were 15 therapists on a weekday evening, and I thought they were generally in their 20s.
    I don't remember the exact price of the massage, but I believe it was about 300k VND per hour, not including tip. (the menu was in US dollars.)
    The massage was an oil massage, not as good as a professional massage, but it was good enough. At the end of the massage, the masseur asked if I wanted an extra.
    I told him the amount of tip, and he noted it (You pay it together with the entrance fee and food and beverage when you leave the facility.) When I said the tip would be 500k, he didn't seem unhappy or pleased, but rather he wrote it down in a clerical manner. So it seems that this amount is not a problem.
  • 9/26
    08:07 September 27, 2023
    What I noticed.
    They seemed to have been renovated. Some rooms was different from the pictures on this website.
    There is a massage service attached to the sauna, and the masseurs seem to be good looking and muscular.
    They accept only cash, so I couldn't take their massage. However, they seemd nice.

    The day I visited was a weekday, and there were more than 40 customers staying there, with various types.
    Even if you don't find any guys you like, you can have alcoholic beverages and foods. So you may spend a relaxing time there.
  • タクト
    12:41 August 25, 2023
    All gay saunas I had visited before were closed, so I decided to visit this one. It was a Thursday around 6:00 p.m. and it took me 40 minutes by Grab to get there due to the heavy traffic.
    The facilities, payment, etc. are as reported by others. They also have a training room. Though no one was there.... Maybe because it was a weekday, only the second floor was open. The second floor was also not "too dark" as you wrote, and I could see faces and body shapes of other guests.
    When I entered this venue, there were an estimated 20 people, a few in their 20s, and the rest in their 30s and 40s. There were very few slim figures, and most of them seemed to be either well-trained or loose.
    After 8:00 p.m., the number of young guests started to increase. When I was in the bath, a slim guy in his 20s touched my thighs, so we had a good time for a while and then we moved to the Jacuzzi.
    While I was going back and forth between 3 saunas, a local guy in his 20s talked to me in the salt sauna and gave me a lot of information about Ho Chi Minh City. Then a handsome guy in his 20s joined us and the three of us talked for about 30 minutes.
    It was almost closing time, so the three of us went upstairs to play.
    The good looking guy was a tourist from Thailand and our hotels were close to each other, so we took a Grab back home together. I am planning to go to Bangkok next month and he is coming to Japan in October, so we exchanged contact information and promised to meet again.
    Although this sauna is far from the center of the city, the staff are all smiling and pleasant, and there is a lot of outdoor space, which gives you a sense of freedom. I was concerned about the smell of the bath water. It smells a bit like doo-doo...? I recommend taking a shower to rinse off after soaking.
    I heard that it is very crowded on weekends, so next time I will try to go on weekends.
  • 拓海
    11:09 August 17, 2023
    I went to this gay sauna on Saturday from 16:00 to 20:00.
    I report my experience there below.
    Hope it could be helpful for your trip.

    When I entered, staff wearing white polo shirts and short beige pants welcomed me .
    Personally, I was surprised at how cute all they were.
    Deferred payment there, so you are taken to a locker on the second floor as soon as you enter the sauna.
    There you will take the bath towel, waist towel, and sandals provided to you.
    As you can see from the pictures on the website, the facility was gorgeous.
    However, I don't know if it is the lack of sunlight or if it is a dare,the inside of the facility is always dimly lit.
    It was so dark from 5:00 p.m. that I couldn't even see other guests' faces, and I stubbed my toe many times because of the many steps.

    The facilities are very well designed.
    Shower (no partitions, similar to a public swimming pool)
    The shower (no partitions, like a public swimming pool), a large bath and showers (from around evening, steam and darkness make it hard to see what is going on around you, and it becomes an orgy mode).
    Rooftop footbath space (water, not hot water)
    Small sized water bath (in the dark, it becomes crowded and unintelligible)
    Medium size water bath (not many people used it)
    Three types of saunas (salt sauna, lemongrass-scented sauna, cinnamon-scented sauna)
    Bar counter (at night, music is blaring and laser beams are glaring)
    Dark room 1 (a maze-like structure with several small rooms)
    Dark room 2 (on one floor, divided by 6 compartments)

    When I used this room, the number of people started to increase around 6:00 p.m., and it became very crowded.
    The sauna was especially exciting because it was packed and unlit, so there was a lot of rubbing going on.
    During the light hours, there were very few people doing lewd things, but as soon as it got dark, everyone changed.
    Even if you can't have sex, I think it's worth going because you can have a high-class spa experience.