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  • オクマ
    23:10 March 2, 2024
    I entered the sauna before 8:00 on a Saturday. I took the elevator to the 5th floor with a young Taiwanese guy who was shyly walking to the building. The man at the reception desk was scary, although it is not necessary to ask for friendliness in this kind of store. Bath towels are extra. When I changed my clothes and went to the zone, I found a few women working in the lobby-like area. When they saw me, they asked me if I wanted to join some kind of work program. Perhaps this is only possible in Taiwan, which has a deep understanding of LGBT people. There were boys helping with bath towels around their waists 😅. The atmosphere is like Hans in Taipei. There is karaoke and the age range of customers is high. There was no lewd atmosphere, so I left early. There were about 50 people there. I learned a lot.
  • 裸の大将
    11:08 February 24, 2024
    Visited on Wednesday and Thursday weekday evenings.
    A large facility with a large gymnasium-like space, an open rest area, a water area, a sauna, private rooms, karaoke, and a video room.
    It has been over 20 years since it was open, but it is well cleaned and comfortable.

    The main dark maze is the steam sauna and the dark room at the back of the video room. Both are dark and easy to access.
    Be careful not to miss this dark room. You can't enjoy this sauna without getting disturbed here.

    ◆Wednesday, 19:00-22:00
    Many people come and go. About 10 to 20 people always. Calm atmosphere. The age range is mostly from 30's to 50's. There are a few 20's who like older people. There were a few 20s who like older people.

    Underwear is worn on the day of the event, but many people wear towels wrapped around their waists. (Large bath towels for wrapping around the waist are available at an additional charge.

    There are few people and travelers seem to stand out. Steam and light multiple... It was a fun night in Tainan with a few guts in a private room and the person I got along with took me to the night market.

    ◆Thursday, 7pm-9pm. Rumored naked day.
    I don't know how many tropical men are there in the spacious hall, which seems to have already exceeded its peak time!

    The clientele is completely different from the previous day
    40% in their 20s
    30% in their 30s
    40s 20% 40s
    50's and up: 10% young! The number of people who work out is very large, which was not the case yesterday. There are also a lot of muscles of the muscles of the muscles of the muscles of the muscles of the muscles.

    After getting involved with a few in the steam room, we went to the dark room at the back of the video room...the sound of hips echoing. A young, stocky girl is panting and stifling her voice as she is surrounded by several other girls. After a few minutes of playing around, the young boys left the room and were used again by the next boy...everyone was enjoying being used as a meat-potty.

    I was surprised to see many young boys in the steam room and the erotic room.

    Very popular Thursday Nude Day
    Because of the large number of people and the good clientele, the young girls are with other young girls, and it is difficult for old guys to match with other old guys. It was hard for old men to match with each other...
    Although I enjoyed the festive atmosphere, I was more satisfied with the lower half of my body on Wednesday.

    By the way, when I talked to my partner on that day, he told me that he came from Kaohsiung, a neighboring town.
    Since the only sauna in Kaohsiung is Hi-Man where young people gather, it seems that not only those who like multiple saunas but also older brothers and old men in Kaohsiung who have no place to go are gathering at this sauna.
  • 14:14 October 6, 2023
    Visited as part of a trip to Tainan.
    The receptionist received 300 NTD and gave me a key without saying a word.

    Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. There were maybe 100 people there.
    It is spacious. Fairly clean.
    The customers ranged from young to old men in diapers (I was shocked).
    There were people singing in the karaoke room, eating cup noodles in a lounge, etc. It was chaos.

    The dark room and sauna were crammed with guys of all shapes and sizes. It was dark, so I couldn't tell what they looked like at all.
    I am 30 years old, normal build, and my hair was mousy, so I must look out of place in the sauna.
    I had fun with an old man and a young fitted boy.
    The old man was too big for me, so I apologized and stopped.
    I played with the young boy lightly.

    About facilities, I personally liked it better than Soi 13 in in Taipei.
  • まりおん
    02:23 July 18, 2023
    Thursday's "Tropical Fish Night" had a huge crowd even though it was a weekday!
    I was so surprised when I went there for the first time 5 years ago.
    This time, because it coincided with a holiday, the number of customers was even bigger, so I couldn't do anything at all and left early...
    On the other hand, on Tuesday two days before, I was able to spend a leisurely time because there were not so many customers.
    I had a good time with 2 top guys there.
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