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  • Taka
    11:42 December 30, 2023
    I went to this gay sauna on a Thursday night. There were only a few old westerners by the pool, but in the cruising area there were about 10 people, although I am not sure exactly how many. It didn't seem that crowded.

    Fortunately, I hooked up with one of the local guys and we played in the basement room, and then I had him come to my hotel, and he stayed over. The next day, we met up in the evening and he took me on a bike ride to a rural area with a beautiful sunset, and we joined his friends for a little barbecue party until nightfall. It was a lot of fun. After that, we went to his room and had a party with his house sharers there as well, and in the evening, he came to my hotel again and we had a sex.

    It is difficult to evaluate objectively whether the facilities are good or not, but for me it was the most wonderful stay in Siem Reap to meet him.
  • タカフミ
    12:35 November 2, 2022
  • gbc
    10:22 December 13, 2019
  • ベッツ
    17:22 October 2, 2018
  • Ed
    01:03 March 25, 2018