2.67 / 3
  • James tibo
    00:21 March 15, 2024
    Best massage in town. Receptionist was very welcoming. You can message them to book your massage and check if your type is available. Minh was very skillful and went beyond my expectations, also was attentive to how I felt throughout massage. Definitely left relaxed and satisfied.
  • ひろ
    00:57 March 1, 2024
    I went there today.
    The location might be hard to find.
    It was just before 7:00 pm and for some reason it was pitch black with candles and no air conditioner or anything.
    It seemed to be the power failed.

    The staff told me a recommendation, then I selected a cute masseur. There seemed to be quite a few masseur waiting.

    It is true that there are many good-looking-masseur.
  • 20:28 January 6, 2024
    I visited without a reservation early in the afternoon because it seemed to be crowded later in the evening.
    When choosing a masseur on the tablet, the staff pushed me to choose the Thai massage course with a deluxe room.
    I decided on the 60-minute Thai massage course for 300,000 VND.
    I went up the stairs to the third floor, took a shower, and met the masseur I had appointed.
    It is more expensive than Tarzan Spa, but I would recommend this one because it is the cleanest place there, and offers good service.
  • よー
    23:33 January 3, 2024
    The levels of masseurs are high. I was told that the minimum tip was 800,000 VND. I thought "expensive!" But after I took their service, I thought "it's okay."

    You can use your credit card.
  • 化け猫娘。
    01:56 December 4, 2023
    Recommendation! I went there based on ヒロ's post! Thank you. The spa is in a narrow alley and you can't take a Grab to the side, so if you get off at the cafe with the blue sign Công ty TNHH Guta Việt Nam, it's a 30 second walk. If you register the spa's WhatApp (+84 90 838 08 53), you will be sent an almost unprocessed real masseurs' pictures, unlike other spas, and you can make a reservation in advance. The interior is clean and new, and the private room beds are nice and low rebound. The masseurs level is high. The tip was 800K and up, but it was very good.
  • ヒロ
    00:26 November 19, 2023
    I went to the address on a map, but could not find it.
    I searched the name of the spa into Google map and found it.

    The inside of the spa was clean,
    There are body massage, Thai massage, etc.
    Body massage for 60 minutes: 200,000 VND.
    After deciding on the course, I chose a masseur from the picture on the tablet.
    There were several SSR guys, and I decided to go with one, but the one who appeared on the tablets was just a SR. His picture looked a little exaggerated (but still good).
    I took off my clothes in the locker and went to a private room. The shower was shared and partitioned by a curtain, so I might see other customers.
    There is no minimum tip, but you write it down on a piece of paper and pay it at the time of billing.
    Their service depends on the masseur, but this time It was so good that I would like to go back during my stay!