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  • Takayuki
    10:37 May 14, 2024
    We went on Sunday at 5pm.

    There were 30 customers, multinationals, some Russian and some locals. I had a massage there. It was a little more expensive than spas in town, but his skill was good, although not as good looking.

    If you go there for play with men, it is not enough, but if you use it as a place to relax and socialize, it might be a good choice.
  • 化け猫娘。
    11:45 February 11, 2024
    Admission fee. was550K. I went on a weekday evening. It was like Babylon, not sexy at all. Good for relaxing at the pool. There was an open dark space at the back of the shower room, but it was just a large space with a sofa-like thing, no private rooms. It's completely open, so when I was having fun, an old man would touch me and it was depressing. Decided not to repeat!
  • こう
    00:02 October 19, 2023
    I went there on October 14th around 4 pm.

    I wanted to take my time, so I drank beer, swam, and relaxed in the sauna.

    Other people wrote that the dark room in the back was closed, but although there was a sign saying it was closed, the wall had been removed and the dark room was open.

    The staff was friendly and helpful, so it was a good place to spend some time.
  • リョウ
    03:43 September 4, 2023
    Visited alone on Sep. 3, 2023 around 16:00. I knew that there was no cruising space, but I was personally satisfied with the facility, customer service and their guests.
    As soon as I entered, the staff smiled at me. Where are you from? First time? and they gave me a quick tour of the facilities.
    The sauna, showers, toilets, Jacuzzi, and pool area are all very clean. The interior of the building is Japanese style and the atmosphere is very nice.

    When I headed to the bar, the staff again took me a seat with a smile. The staff and locals were talking to me while I was having a drink and touching my phone.

    There were about 15 customers? I got the impression that most of them were in their 50's or older, and some in their 30's or so. I met a guy in his 30's. He was friendly with me and we had a lot of body touching, which was fun lol.
    In the evening I was invited to the bar but I declined because I was tired.

    I recommend this place to refresh yourself and find local gay friends!
  • Billy
    16:57 July 12, 2023
  • 14:31 March 20, 2023
  • F
    07:11 February 25, 2020