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  • ソロトラベラー
    21:39 June 9, 2024
    I visited this sauna after it was relocated.

    It is in a building called "Shin Want Lo," and can be reached from Exit B3 of Mong Kok Station, almost without getting wet even in the rain.
    You have to press the intercom marked "K" at the entrance of the building to unlock the door, then go up to the first floor and ring the doorbell.
    The price is $148, or $100 for those over 65 years old.
    Pay the fee at the reception desk and hand in your receipt at the counter behind it, and you will get a locker key and a towel.
    I put on a bath towel and slippers in a waistcoat style.

    The facility is very clean as it has just moved, with a shower area, a mist sauna, a dry sauna (small), a space for showing pornographic videos, a karaoke room, etc. There were probably more than 10 private rooms.
    There are plenty of "Samsons" Japanese gay magazine to pass the time even when no type is there.

    I went there on a Friday evening, and the clientele was mostly in their 50s and 60s, with about 20 people there around 6pm. Then the number of customers started to dwindle and by 8pm there were only 7 or 8 people.
    If it is a weekday, it would be better to go early to enjoy it.
  • 中国系桶専
    12:57 April 7, 2024
    They are (or were) moving.
    I went there in early April and was told, "We're moving to Mong Kok next week."
    I was told by everyone that they are moving to Mong Kok next week.
    The website has already changed to Mong Kok.
    Unknown about the new location.

    It was a weekday at 4:00 p.m. and there were more than 50 people and almost no place to sit.
    I had a private room with a 75 year old energetic grandfather,
    The sauna was a constantly crowded.
    I had fun with several 60+ year old uncles and grandfathers with big bellies, going in and out of the sauna.
    This is the last time I'm talking about this, so I'm looking forward to a new place.

    Flat A&B, 1/F, Sun Wong House
    50-56 Mong Kok Road
    Kowloon Hong Kong
    (Mong Kok Station Exit B3 / Mong Kok East Station Exit C)
  • Ken
    13:21 January 26, 2024
    I went to this sauna on January 5, and there were maybe 30-40 people there.
    Most of them seemed to be locals, but there were a few Caucasians as well.
    I would say 80% of the people were over 50 years old.
    You would found your partner in the steam sauna and went to private rooms.
    It was an orgy in the small sauna!
    I hit it off with a British tourist and we went to a private room.
    It was a very satisfying place for me.
  • Uenozaza
    12:38 September 11, 2023
    I went on Thursday, September 7, 2023, after 3:00 pm.
    It was a weekday but there were already about 40 guests there. 60 guests were there until 5:00 pm.
    Weekends and Sundays should be more enjoyable.
    The guests were mainly in their 60's, with a few younger guys who were into older guys here and there.
    The price is 108 HKD. It's okay to receive the change as you pay 110 HKD 👌.
    There are slippers under the lockers.
    Smoking area on the rooftop. There is a place to dry towels and it is cool and breezy.
    Many guests play karaoke and when I peeked in, they forced me to sing a song.
    I was a little disappointed that there was no one to make my heart pound, although there were many elderly men in the steam sauna. It was also a pity that there were not many Caucasians. I ended up making out with an Italian chef.
    This was my first time in Hong Kong and I chose a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui for the sauna. Walking distance to the place.
    For a bar, I went to Boo Bar after they told me about it. I recommend it. Easy to have fun even if you are traveling alone.
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