2.26 / 3
  • しんがー
    22:36 March 12, 2024
    It is very crowded in the evening and at night.
    Chinese/Taiwanese people who work out are very popular there.
    Older guys are really pushy...
    You can't just say no, you have to shun their hands. They still try to touch you.
  • DoG
    23:39 February 13, 2024
    This gay sauna is probably the most popular in Singapore.
    I entered on a weekend evening with the guest rate.
    The large locker room on the first floor was crowded and there must have been about 200 people in total.
    There are Chinese-Asian, Indian, and all genres.
    The aisles are wide and there are either private rooms or many private rooms, and many people were standing in the aisles waiting. There is also a maze of dark rooms in the back that are packed with guys! You can see other guys as your eyes get used to it, but good looking guys don't go into the dark room lol.
    You are given a condom but no lube is provided in the private room, so bring your own.
  • 直行
    19:41 January 27, 2024
    Saturday afternoon after 1:30pm - entered the sauna.
    First time after COVID-19 pandemic, a cruise club in Singapore.
    I think it's been 5-6 years since my last visit before that, but the place was as alive and well as ever!
    I decided to pay as a visitor, because I knew I would probably not be able to come here many more times in the future.
    So I paid 22.00 SGD.
    Spacious facility, reasonably clean.
    Although there is a mixture of all kinds of customers, races, body types, and ages, it has a great ability to attract visitors.
    Since it was the day of my return flight, I had my time limit, and I met a tall, lean man of my type and fully enjoyed.
    He was 21 years old and was a young man on holiday during his military service.
    We exchanged contact information and that was it.
    In Singapore, only boys are obliged to serve in the national service for two years after high school graduation and before entering university. (Assigned to the military, police, etc.)
    Some of the young men who have worked out are here, so I recommend this sauna‼️
    It is located in an easy to find place.
  • デッカちん♂
    09:52 September 17, 2023
    Entered Saturday September 16 at 4pm. I am around 40 years old. The entrance fee was 10 SGD upon presentation of my membership card that I had made before Covid-19 pandemic. There were roughly 100 people inside. All different races and ages. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in the dark corridor and upstairs zone. I had fun with a local Malay guy in a private room and left around 18:00 with great satisfaction. However, I somewhat regretted because the number of young people was increasing as I was leaving!
  • 無名
    21:58 September 11, 2023
    I entered this sauna around 6pm on Thursday. The admission fee was 22 SGD, probably because I am a foreigner. At the reception desk, I got a bath towel, a condom and a locker key. I took a shower and went into the dark maze. it was very crowded, probably because it was a men's skin nite on a Thursday.
    There were a lot of tourists? ranging in age from 20s to 50s. There were a lot of pushy people, so I think you'll have fun. If you just want to observe the venue, it might be a little scary.
  • masa
    22:29 July 22, 2023
    I entered this sauna on Saturday in evening.
    This is the crucible of races.
    The age, height, and build of the customers are all different.
    Only occasionally some groups walk around in the premise.
  • アジア放浪者
    17:20 July 2, 2023
  • 22:59 May 11, 2023
  • 虎雄
    09:26 February 22, 2023
  • やぐち
    09:40 December 30, 2022