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  • K
    18:08 May 3, 2024
    I visited at the end of April 2024.
    The way of life is easy to find as it is just off exit 2 of Bonichi station. It is on the 3rd floor, up the stairs on the left side facing the convenience store.
    It was late at night on a weekday, so I wondered how it would be,
    My bad premonition was right: there were no customers.
    The man at the reception desk was in a bad mood, or maybe he was in a bad mood, I don't know what he was saying because I don't understand Korean, but anyway I had a bad impression of him.
    While we were waiting for other guests, we decided to explore the museum! (The 3rd floor has reception, lockers, smoking area, etc., and the 4th floor has several private rooms in a circular fashion.
    The cleanliness and facilities are probably *2 (below average).
    I don't know about the clientele because I didn't meet anyone.
  • タクト
    11:03 March 20, 2024
    I had no choice but to visit here after reading other people's posts that the Plaza Hotel was undergoing renovation.
    When I paid the admission fee of 13,000W, they gave me an indoor clothes and 3 towels. I put up with it and changed for a tour of the venue....
    On the third floor, where the reception desk is located, there are locker rooms, shower rooms, toilets, a smoking room, a lounge with a coffee server, and a video room.
    If you go up the stairs outside the reception area to the fourth floor, you will find a number of private rooms in total darkness. As others have mentioned, the private rooms have no doors, and anyone can come and go as they please, using only a curtain.
    I went around the club and found that I was the only customer. I convinced myself that since it was 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, it would be like this, and decided to sleep in the private room closest to the entrance.
    After about 30 minutes, when my eyes got used to the darkness, the second guest finally arrived on the fourth floor, a cute guy in his 20s with a normal body shape, who, as usual, checked my face and body shape with the light of her smartphone.
    After a while, a third guest arrived, so guest #2 got out of the futon and went to scout the area. The third guest came in, also checking his phone, and I could not see his face because he was wearing a mask.
    At last, the fourth guest did not show up.
    I guess it is better to go on weekends....
  • jk
    22:17 November 25, 2023
    this is not a sauna nor can be considered a cruise club. it only has 2 shower rooms and lots of sleeping rooms. too dark that you could not see if someone is sleeping in the room. better go somewhere else like bars. waste of time and money.
  • 09:07 November 12, 2023
    I went there on Nov. 11, Saturday around 10:30 p.m. The entrance fee was 13,000 KRW. I gave them 20,000 KRW and they gave me the proper change.
    There were about 20 customers there, mostly in their 30s, and about 5 in their 40s and up, including myself. I could have gone about another hour earlier since there were already that many customers there.
    It seemed like the young customers were having a good time with each other.
    I wish they would prohibit customers from carrying around their cell phones to check who is in the private room. It is distracting.
    There is only a curtain hanging at the entrance of each private room.
    I was lucky enough to spend a pleasant time with a tall, slightly bearded, handsome man (I guessed he was in his 30s).
    Condoms and lubes are left in front of the shower room and can be taken freely, but it seems that some customers are playing in raw. I wonder if they are afraid of getting diseases or something.
    If you prefer late 40's or older, you might prefer the sauna at Plaza Hotel.
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