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  • Hero
    15:35 May 13, 2024
    I went on Saturday, May 4, around 1pm. The route was unchanged, but the riverside and bridge were newly paved and easier to walk. It was still a steep slope from the road to the river, and it was quite tough on the way back.
    It was Saturday afternoon and the place was quite crowded. The clientele was over 30 years old, and there were a few grandpas there. The clientele is similar to that of Hanshi. There was almost no atmosphere of having a good time, and everyone was chatting in the bathtub. The steam is too hot for hattens. There are a lot of comings and goings. I wonder if it is different at night. The hot water is very nice, so I think it is okay to just go there purely for the bath.
  • Lucky
    01:23 May 8, 2024
    I went there on May 4.
    It's about a 15 minute bus ride from the metro station (I'll skip the details. (I will omit the details, as they have not been changed).
    From the bus stop to the hot springs, we went down quite a slope (on the contrary, it was a sharp climb on the way back) and arrived at the hot springs.
    The entrance fee is 250 yuan. The admission fee is 250 yuan. We entered at 5 p.m. on a Saturday evening and it was very crowded. In particular, the lukewarm Jacuzzi at the far end was crowded with regular customers. The clientele consisted of 70% middle-aged men, 10% foreigners, and 20% young people who seemed to be their friends. As I had heard, Taiwanese do not cover their front, so I was able to see many things.
    It was too hot in the steam sauna.
    I felt it would be better to go there mainly for the hot springs.
  • Julio
    23:17 March 21, 2024
    Visited at noon on Thursday, 21/03/2024.
    Take bus 508 and get off at "Xingyi Rd 3" or "Xingyi Rd 4". Either one is accessible.
    Entered Building 1 and ate at the restaurant next door first, without purchasing a bathing ticket. The price for one person was NT$440 including tax. When I paid the bill, I was given a free bathing ticket.
    Remember to bring your own towels, as they are not included.
    If you want to use the lockers, you will need to pay 20 yuan.

    As I thought, this hot spring is for general customers. There seemed to be some gay people who wanted to play with eye contact, but it was difficult. The prohibition of sexual harassment is also posted on the door of the sauna and steamers. Even if you have a chance,, it will be a light play.
  • クリームピーチ
    21:07 February 4, 2024
    An staff of I/O told me that the Taipei gay community has been boycotting the Huang Chi ever since the owner of the hot spring made discriminatory remarks against gays during the incident of the straight man being touched. If you want to go there for the purpose of gay cruising, I suggest you gather information from the locals. I went there to take a hot spring bath, but it was quite crowded on a Sunday afternoon, and by 4:00 p.m. the place was full. I saw many gentlemen who are gay. When I was in the steam sauna, someone touched me and I touched him back. He had a wart on his penis, so I got scared and declined. There is a big poster on the wall prohibiting sexual harassment, but it seems that actions still occur.
  • 坊主
    08:11 December 29, 2023
    I went there on Dec. 20 (Wed.).
    Get off at MRT Shihpai station -> take bus 508or 536 from the bus stop in front of the yellow sign: Yongqing Bosha, about 15 minutes, and get off at the bus stop at Xingyi Rd. 4 -> walk down a steep slope and arrive at Huang Chi in 5 minutes. Enter the 1st building at the far end. There are signs along the way, and even with GoogleMap, you won't get lost.
    Pay 250 NTD at the reception desk to get a ticket, and hand the ticket to the old man at the entrance of the men's bath.
    Put your shoes in the shoe box, take off your clothes in the locker, leave only a towel and water on the locker, and lock it for 20 NTD.
    You can have a good time in the steam sauna.

    There were very few chubby guys, more young guys in their 20's-60's with tight bodies.
    I had a good time with a handsome Taiwanese boy with a big dick.
  • チコ
    08:19 December 27, 2023
    I went there on Thursday, Dec 16 at 2 pm.
    It was a daytime in a weekday, but there were about 3-40 people there. Ages 40-70s. None of them were young.
    About 30% of them seemed to be gay.
    Some reviewers wrote that they had fun in the mist room ... but when I was there, no one was doing anything.
    Maybe on weekend nights, the clientele changes and things might happen.
    The quality of the spring water is very good and comfortable, so it is good for the primary purpose of soaking in the hot spring.
    The road from the bus stop has many ups and downs, so fat people should be careful.
  • ぺいぺいタイペイ
    00:16 November 4, 2023
    I visited this hot spring during the Pride Parade.
    I think it has been really about 4 years since I have been there.

    I had to wait for almost an hour to enter.
    There were so many people that the entrance seemed to be restricted.
    I waited at the entrance to purchase tickets and also at the entrance to the hot springs.

    Someone may have already written about this, but you go to the entrance of the hot springs with the ticket you purchased and tell them how many people you are.
    I don't think they can speak English.
    You will be told the number of the waiting list. (I think it was written on a piece of paper and given to you.)
    You will be told the number in Chinese, which is quite nerve-wracking!
    When you enter, you are asked for your number in Chinese. (Piao!) and you will be given a ticket.
    Your locker numbers are also given in Chinese.

    The place was packed, and it seemed like there were only gay customers.
    It was hard to get into the bathtub...
    Some guests were kissing and hugging each other in the bathtub....
    There were signs everywhere saying "No Harassment".
    The mist sauna was out of order. I had a feeling that it was on purpose.
    The regular dry sauna looked like something was about to happen, but nothing happened. lol
  • 良い温泉です。
    13:14 October 25, 2023
    In the first place, locals? s use, so there are many elderly people. But it is only to the extent that travelers have been here since the morning and something happens sometimes in the mist room. You shouldn't expect too much to meet other gay guys and have fun. If you want to see a good view, I think it is faster to go to a gay sauna. But the hot springs were nice!
  • O
    01:59 September 25, 2023
    I went there during the daytime on a weekend, and I thought, "Is this a senior citizen's facility?" There were some younger people, but it seemed that more than 90% were between 50 and 70 years old, and all of them were sloppy in shape.
    If you like young people, I would not recommend this place during the daytime. Maybe the age range would change slightly at night?
    It's a good place to kill time, about 10 minutes by cab from the Shipai station. It's just a pity that on this day I only saw what I didn't want to see.
  • H
    17:21 August 20, 2023
    Open-air bath!
    This is the first time I went there, and it made my skin smooth and silky. It is sulfuric, but there is no strong smell of rotten eggs.
    There were many gay people of all ages.
    I recommend taking a cab on the way to and from the place.
    Ask the receptionist at the Huang Chi for a taxi and he will call one for you on the way there and back.
    It took about 5 minutes for them to come when I called them.
    It takes about 15 minutes to get to the station one way, and it costs about 150 yuan.
    I recommend taking a cab to and from the station easily.
    I will go there again.