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  • 高雄球児
    12:18 November 28, 2023
    I went to the sauna on the day of the Pride Parade.
    The event is a KY party (lube party). Please check the sauna's facebook for the event schedule.
    Since it was the day of the parade, the 300 lockers were full, so we had to register in the cardboard box after 7:30pm.
    The party was supposed to start at 21:30, but due to the large number of people, the party started at 21:00. 200+ people were covered by lube, checking each other's body as they passed each other, touching each other if they liked, and having fun a little further in the back of the room. It is a state like this. About 20 pairs were playing at the same time. It is good that they are covered with lube and be ready already. The cute guys were being turned around. Condoms were placed at the entrance, so it is safe to use them, but from what I saw, they were mostly playing raw. I had fun with 6 guys and was very satisfied. Since it was covered in lotion, so this event may not be suitable for those who like to suck.
    As for the facilities, the hot showers stopped running because there were so many people, the toilets were not very clean, and the towels were so overused that they ran out and had to be replaced with paper towels, but the event was very enjoyable.
    There were a lot of people after the event, so we could enjoy it even at midnight. The air conditioning was a bit strong, so everyone had to borrow blankets and wrap themselves in them.
    In the morning, there was a breakfast buffet with rice porridge, oden, fruits, toast, etc.
    The lube event days are very enjoyable.
  • A
    07:55 August 30, 2023
    The admission fee is a little expensive at NT$500 on weekdays and NT$700 on weekends, but since it is a 24-hour stay and you can go out as many as you like, I think it is a good deal for those who use it as a place to stay overnight.
    The Taiwanese guys were cute and friendly.
    I slept in a private room, kissing and cuddling with one until morning.
    There were a lot of older people there and they were very persistent even when I said no, but in general I had a good time.
  • 洋児
    23:53 August 26, 2023
    The second and fourth Saturday of the month is the day of the KY (lube).
    Were customers mostly in their 20s and 30s, and were there 100 to 200 guys?
    I was playing with them wearing just an underwear. At 9:30 p.m., they got completely naked in a separate room on the second floor.
    It was like a rush hour train, standing there, bathed in full-body lubes. There's a couch, but thousand hands reached me. On the third floor, there is a steam sauna at the end of the shower room. The wall of the low-temperature sauna next to the steam sauna is behind the magic mirror of a urinal. You can have a good time while watching handsome guys pissing.
    It's fun. I will revisit. Recommended!
  • Kei
    10:00 August 11, 2023
    I went there on Friday around 11:30 p.m. I think there were about 10 people there.
    The light in the private room was a little bright, but I think it was enough for sleeping.
    Also, this sauna was generally clean.
    When I first showered after entering, I was immediately approached by another guy in his 30s, and I stayed in the private room with him until dawn.
    He and I both spoke English, so we had a lot of fun talking not only about sex but also about our hobbies, and we exchanged Lines and promised to meet again when we visit each other's countries.
    It was a wonderful memory of my trip ^_^.
  • ゆうや
    16:58 August 3, 2023
    Although their concept is for younger people, there are quite a few old men here as well. However, there are some good-looking young men here as well, so you have a chance to meet someone. There is a karaoke room to the right of the entrance, where people are singing hard. There is a sofa in front of the counter with porn magazines. A little old. The dark maze is large and has many small rooms. It is quite dark, so you have to grope toward. I wish there was a little more light. In the mixed room, everyone is making out while bumping into each other. Also, in the sauna and mist room, guests were messed up. Between the shower room and the dark room, there is a rest area with a TV and a smoking room. I stayed there for a few hours and had fun with two handsome Taiwanese guys. It is on the third floor of a building with a sign in front of the Kaohsiung station. I don't think you will get lost. If you go there feeling free, you will have a good time maybe.
  • タクト
    08:21 May 20, 2023
  • 高雄好き
    10:16 May 8, 2023
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    11:45 February 19, 2023
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    14:26 February 12, 2023
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    17:27 January 1, 2023