2.4 / 3
  • 匿名
    22:20 June 23, 2024
    Bath towels can be wrapped around the waist. 220 THB and condoms are available at the bar counter. There were a few staff members around the sauna on the roof. It is not big nor small. The facilities were older, but better than other gay saunas. The receptionist is a lady boy. The dark room is pitch black.
  • ガチデブ40代
    22:12 May 5, 2024
    Stay: March, Saturdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Age range: 20s-70s, mainly 30s-40s
    Body Type: 50% gangly, fat, and gangly-po, 40% normal and skinny, a little suji-muscle and macho
    Number of people: Probably about 70
    Race: 50% Southeast Asian, 20% Chinese, 10% Indian, 20% European and other foreigners

    I went to this sauna because I heard it was the most major GMPD sauna in Bangkok.
    When I arrived at the building, I saw the word "HEAVEN" with rainbow lights on the tenant information sign. However, I was lost for a moment, not knowing where the elevator was that would take me to the sauna floor, when the building security guard took one look at me and pointed toward the elevator. If you are obvious, you won't get lost.

    The ladyboy at the front desk freaks me out for a moment, but I'm relieved to find that the building is just as full of fat, fat, male assholes as they say it is. The locker key is given by the transvestite at the front desk, and towels are given by the bar staff inside. The locker key is a padlock type, which is a little difficult to use. Inside the building, towels are wrapped around the waist. The atmosphere was already erotic with fat guys hugging each other and kissing each other on the bench in front of the lockers. It was hard to find the bathtub the first time, so I asked a bear who was nearby and he pulled my hand and took me there. He was very kind. The shower and sauna were up a spiral staircase from the locker floor and through a labyrinth of yarisupporting spaces. The water supply was crude and had a developing-country feel to it. There are open-air beach chairs where you can get a tan, and it seems like a good place to relax in the outdoor air when it is not too hot.

    The maze rooms are pitch-dark, so choose your man in a place with some light. There are a good number of private rooms. Most of them are large enough for two people.

    I had fun with a total of five guys, including a big guy, a fat guy, and a bulk guy, but less than half of them were Thai, and the rest were Southeast Asian foreigners who came to Thailand for sightseeing. I had an image that Southeast Asia was full of skinny guys with muscles like Muay Thai, and I was surprised to find that there were so many guys who were fat and bulky. I was thankful that every guy I met said he liked Japanese big guy. Anyway, if you are a middle-aged Japanese fatty, you can certainly have fun here.
  • 直行
    13:27 February 11, 2024
    Until now, when I visit Bangkok, I always go to Sauna Mania, but I decided to visit this sauna on a Saturday afternoon.
    The admission fee was THB240, which was specially set due to the Chinese New Year period.
    Still, it was cheap.

    The sauna was a great crowd puller.
    I was there for about 2 hours and needed a private room twice, but both times it was so crowded that we both had to wander around looking for a vacant room. If you don't go in as soon as it becomes available, someone will catch you.
    In the outdoor area on the upper floor, gray-haired old men, who seemed to be a regular visitor, were having a chat with each other.

    As for the customers, compared to Sauna Mania, I have the impression that the age range is certainly higher.
    Anyway, there are all types of people here.
    From the tough guys who work out, to big guys who look like a sumo wrestler, to the elderly who can barely climb the stairs leading to the upper floor (the dark zone), to the young people who are always being chased by the other guests ... it's a bit like Ueno 24 Kaikan.
    The narrow aisles and the structure that makes it easy to put your hand in or out may also be a reason for its popularity....
    I thought it would be better to bring your favorite lubricant and condom ....

    In the rest area around this stairway (GYM is behind it), there were people waiting to type while playing with their cell phones.
    So you can take out your cell phone from the locker at the end and exchange LINE with them in this area.

    As a result, I spent more time having fun than looking for a partner, and returned to the hotel with a full sense of fun.
    Although I was satisfied in my own way, I went to the BOYS BAR at night to see the six-pack abs of the young, good-looking boys again. (Laughs)
    It is only in Bangkok, Thailand, that you can have this kind of fun........
  • まこやん
    20:00 February 6, 2024
    Jan. 30, the first visit, a local chubby guy motioned me in and we went straight to a private room, I'm TOP but he was cute so I let him into me. My second visit was on February 1st, and an old white man touched me, and then I met a huge fat Thai guy, and finally we got excited in a private room with a slender guy. I'm a normal 60's body type with a little training, so I thought I'd have to be a little thicker to be popular here. Anyway I had a lot of fun. There weren't many people for a while after it opened, but the number of people started to increase around 4 pm. Overall, there were many guys relaxing and enjoying the sun, and in the dark maze they got lewd. It's like that.
  • 韓流大好き
    00:20 January 6, 2024
    I stayed in this sauna until evening as I was leaving Bangkok on a flight this evening. I have been to other saunas many times, but I had avoided this one because I heard it there were lots of older guys. However, I heard other people talking about how crowded it is, so I went there for the first time and I really liked it. First of all, 200 baht is a bargain, and the facilities are fairly clean. The age range was certainly high, but there were some young, handsome men among them, and I enjoyed it a lot. There are many Indian descent because of the location, and there are some good looking men with deep chiseled features. I'll go there again!
  • いちにー
    15:46 January 3, 2024
    Whenever I visit Bangkok, I always stop by.
    Since I was in Bangkok for the New Year's holidays, I tried to visit on December 30 and January 1, but it was so crowded that I could not enter,
    It was so crowded that I couldn't enter the sauna.

    I went there around 2:00 p.m. on 30 December, but when I got off the elevator and headed to the sauna, there were people all over the outside of the entrance,
    I wondered what was going on and asked what was going on from outside,
    A big older brother showed me a piece of paper with a number written on it in English, saying "numbered tickets are being handed out inside.
    When I opened the door, there were many people at the reception desk.
    I didn't know when I would be able to get in, so I left and tried again on New Year's Day,
    I tried again on New Year's Day, but I couldn't get in because it was exactly the same... (By the way, this place is closed every Monday. But this year there was a sign saying that although New Year's Day was on a Monday, they would be open as usual...)

    As one would expect from such a popular and inexpensive sauna.
    If you go there during the busy season, please be careful about the time of day.
  • まさき
    00:47 October 2, 2023
    I went there on Sunday, around 7pm.
    There were quite a few customers, but is it a Sumo wrestlers room? All of them were of the same build.
    In the light, they were in a relaxing mode.
    But in the dark and in the mist sauna, they were naughty.

    They were wearing bath towels, but in the mist sauna, they were naked.
    So you can have fun.

    If you like men who are in their 40s or older, and having fat body types, I highly recommend this place for you.

    There were no farang (Caucasian), only Thai people.

    After 8:30pm, the admission fee will be 100THB.
    But I didn't see anyone who came in at that time.

    Maybe on Fridays and Saturdays?
  • 広州太郎
    23:03 August 18, 2023
    I took a tuk-tuk from Sala Daeng station to Holiday Inn Silom for 150 Baht.
    I went there on weekdays and Sunday, but there were not so many people on weekdays.
    On Sunday, there were many people there, but as others have mentioned, due to the closing of Babylon, the number of white people, local old men, and slim kids have been increasing.
    The old men maybe just regular customers have gotten old, Since this sauna has been in business for many years.
  • ジョナサン
    17:02 August 12, 2023
    The impression of this sauna, not aggressive but relaxing because most of customers are not young. If you find someone of your type, smile at him.

    The cruising area was wide and like a maze. When I passed by a nice guy with a nervousness, his hand reached for my nipple...we went into a private room. He hardly had an erection, but he caressed my nipples and cock for long time. Then, he made me cum. He drank my sperm.

    I thought 180 baht was cheap.
  • tnugg
    08:33 July 19, 2023
    I went there a while ago.

    There are indeed many fatties, middle-aged and old men.
    Are they having fun in the dark maze?
    Slim and lean guys are not popular there.
    It is still mainly big guys.
    Only about 10% of them are hot.
    Even if you are well trained, it is hard to find a good one because there are so few.
    However, most of customers seemed picky.