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  • 化け猫娘。
    09:37 December 17, 2023
    It was crazy crowded around 23:00 on Saturday. there was a DJ booth at the back and play exciting music. Unlike gay clubs in Ho Chi Minh City, no one was playing with mysterious balloons. However, it smells like cigarettes. There was a reserve mark on the table, but if there was space, you can use it without permission and you will not be told anything. There were good looking guys, which you don't see in the gay saunas, and it was fun. I recommend it.
  • Kei
    07:54 October 27, 2023
    October 14? I went on Saturday night around 11pm and there was a huge crowd.

    I got the impression that there were many Asian groups from Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, etc., but I didn't see any Japanese (maybe).

    I was worried about what would happen since I went alone, but a group of six Filipinos gathered at a table in the back talked to me and I was able to join the group with them!
    I was able to join a group of 6 Filipinos who were gathered at a table in the back of the room and they started to talk to me.

    I myself use English on a daily basis, so I didn't have to worry about conversation, but in that sense, the atmosphere is a bit global, so it would be more fun if you can speak English ^_^.

    I ordered a Corona beer and it cost me about 200k!

    I think I will go there again sometime 🎵
  • ねぶり姫
    00:23 October 25, 2023
    It is probably the only gay bar in Hanoi near the big church.
    It has about 20 seats at the counter and 20 seats in a box.
    There is a bar counter and boxes in the front, and standing drinks and DJ booth in the back.
    Tiger beer is 50K VND and cocktails are about 140K VND. You have to pay afterwards and tax is also charged.

    I went there 3 times.

    Friday, 9pm, about 5 groups of customers.
    Around 10:00 p.m., there are about 20 customers. Almost all foreigners.

    Saturday 10:00 p.m.
    Crowded like a packed train in Tokyo. It was a cash-on service that day. Half foreigners, half wealthy locals. The locals seemed to be having a good time with a large group of people.
    I was worried that my sneakers might get dirty because it was really crowded. I left early, but it seems to close at 2:00 on Friday and Saturday.

    Monday at 9:00 p.m.
    There was one customer ahead of me, and by 10pm, there were about 5 customers.

    Since it is a shot bar, there is no customer service, nor is there a friendly master to talk to you, so it may be a little boring if you go alone.
    If you are traveling alone, it would be better to make an appointment with someone.

    By the way, gay apps in Vietnam, Grindr>Blued>jd,Scruff,Growlr>9mon.
    I think you should download Grindr for the first time in 15 years, even if you have chosen 9mon in Japan.
  • KMY
    00:44 August 7, 2022
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    18:35 October 11, 2018
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    09:59 December 4, 2016