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  • Dubo
    16:24 February 24, 2024
    I am sixty years old, Saturday February 24 year 2024 don’t let me entry, he don’t give me the cause because I can’t go in
  • ケンジ
    22:40 June 30, 2022
    Use this for older people. The inside is beautiful. Young people can come and go with HOOK. I am happy to dig a fair-skinned handsome man. It felt good.
  • ヒロ
    01:17 April 28, 2022
    I heard that it was newly opened in Yokohama. The entrance is the same as HOOK Yokohama.

    It was just made and very beautiful. There are 3 showers so you don't have to wait. It was a little inconvenient that there was only one shower that could be used for anal cleaning. The private room was large and easy to use. There was also a digging blanco. Then I was surprised that there were more customers than I expected. It seems that young people can come and go with HOOK Yokohama.