2.5 / 3
  • 化け猫娘。
    19:46 February 14, 2024
    I wondered why the price was so aggressive, starting at 600K for 60 minutes if you select your masseur! I thought it was a bit steep, but the price included a tip if you don't get any special service. The room is private with a shower, but the toilet is located near the reception desk. I recommend you to check the masseurs' pictures from the store's WhatsApp (+62 85239122444) and make a reservation in advance. If you don't want to care about the tip and just want to take the service, it's fine.
  • 07:00 July 13, 2023
    I came here with the intention of going to the sauna next door, but since I arrived early, I decided to take a massage as well. The receptionist recommended a very expensive course, but I chose a moderate course because it was a waste of money.

    I could not choose a masseur because they had just opened, so a young handsome masseur with a beautiful body wearing only a cloth around his waist came out. 23 years old. The massage was very serious and pleasant. His skin was smooth.

    After taking a shower at the end, I asked him how much tip he wanted, and he replied, "With your feelings". This is the most annoying. He gave me a very attentive massage and a very pleasing customer service from start to finish. After much deliberation, I gave him 300K IDR. He took it with a smile and said "thank you".

    I had a good time. This place may be a little more expensive than other male massage spa, but I can recommend it because it was clean and the service was good.
  • t@k@
    22:06 May 14, 2023
  • ミューツー
    01:01 September 4, 2022