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  • 化け猫娘。
    00:42 February 13, 2024
    Highly recommended! Bali's only gay sauna! There are many different types of guys. After sunset, the dark place is very crowded and steamy and acidic, and it's very popular on weekdays and weekends! There are many guys from Jakarta, not only from Bali, so I was able to get the latest local information and meet a lot of nice people. The entrance is the one in the picture, and the luxurious one is for massage. The entrance fee is 70K on weekdays and 100K on weekends!
  • Satay
    20:49 September 19, 2023
    It is practically the only gay sauna in Bali. I went there at sunset and it was extremely crowded.

    On the first floor there was a shower, a mist sauna, and a bathtub (lukewarm water), so it was like a small spa bath.

    There was a gym on the second floor where some people were working out. There is also a counter to order a drink, but you can only order drinks if you have cash on you. It is a hassle to go back to the locker to get it, so it might be better to carry a small amount of money with you.

    The indoor area at the back of the gym is the so-called dark maze. There were so many people that it was difficult to pass each other. There were muscular and handsome men. I had the impression that the types of popular guy in Bali are no different from that in Japan.

    In the private rooms, for some reason, mattresses were placed on the floor standing up, and they were laid down only when they were used. I thought it was probably for legal reasons.

    Foreigners were rare or not, and I was approached many times. In the end, I stayed in until closing time. I exchanged contact information with some guys. It was a very pleasant memory.
  • アラサー
    12:24 September 2, 2023
    I went to the sauna on Sep. 1, 2023. Entered around 16:30 and stayed until closing, I think it was after 18:00 when it started to get crowded, probably because it was Friday. There were about 20 people in total. The locals said there were not many people that day. The main age group was around 40, with a few in their 20s and 30s. There were a few lean and slim as well.
    The facility was basically clean, and they frequently wiped up wet floors. Some people wore sandals while moving around, so it seemed to be OK. There was also paper in the private rooms.
    Personally, I found it a comfortable place to stay.