2.75 / 3
  • Joe
    01:53 April 14, 2024
    Booked Bima for Sensual Massage. He never disappoint. Extra serivce also tip top, will come again.
  • 化け猫娘。
    17:33 February 12, 2024
    Highly recommended! I recommend you to check the masseurs' pictures and make a reservation in advance through WhatsApp (+62 87865135262) of the spa. Oil Massage 60min from 290K IDR, you don't have to choose expensive BtoB. The private room on the second floor is small and the sound and voices of the neighbors are transmitted. I was very satisfied with the service.FYI, You can't choose your masseur if you select the 60 min 190K course.
  • バリ島好き
    01:31 September 11, 2023
    The spa is located on a small street, but it was easy to find with a sign on the corner.
    You can pay the massage fee by credit card (but only cash is accepted for tipping the masseur), and you can also book in advance by looking at the masseur's picture from the website, which is convenient for travelers with limited time.

    In the Sexy Balinese Massage, they gave me BtoB with oil from the back of my body to the front, and it felt good to have the masseur's body close to my body.
    After the massage I was asked if I wanted a special. The masseur was a straight boy who spoke simple English, so after he told me what kind of service he could offer, I asked for a special. The tip depends on the kind of service, but 200K-400K.

    *It seems that masseur's share in the massage fee is not much, and they live on the tip, so a tip below 200K is indeed too little...
  • 08:40 September 7, 2023
    I visited with a friend during my stay in August 2023. I booked JOE in advance because the website has pictures of the staff and their names.
    The spa is a house located in a narrow alley. The inside of the house looks avarage, but the shower is outside.
    There are several courses, then I requested the 90-minute Sexy Balinese Massage. JOE was the same as the pictures, but got some tattoos.
    His massage skill was not so bad... and he worked very hard. so I tipped him 300K IDR. He smiled and waved at me as I left the spa.