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  • name
    22:18 October 7, 2023
    There were men in drag (lady boy) in the large room on the 4th floor, and some straight guys came for them. What a surprise.
    I guess this is the only place for them to get together in Nagoya.
  • GGG
    22:45 September 30, 2023
    This is an additional information to 正露丸's post.

    There are anal cleaning hoses in several shower rooms on the 4th floor. There is also a sign that says, "Please do not clean your anus outside of the shower rooms."
  • Pick
    11:57 September 30, 2023
    This time I took a private room and stayed overnight. I did not know this, but if you get a private room, you don't have to pay the entrance fee. I stayed in the cheapest room (5200 JPY), but the entrance fee of 2500 JPY was included, so the room price was actually 2700 JPY. I could stay there until 11:00 a.m., so it might be a good deal.

    The place was crowded on a Friday night. The age range is mainly from 30 to 59 years old, with various body types. There were just a few people who worked out. If you don't get a private room, you have to play in a big room, so once you start playing, other customers will gather around you. If you like to be seen, it might be good?

    It was quite crowded when I entered at 9:00 p.m., but it was more crowded around 24:00 p.m. and more exciting. In the morning, when I went to the big room again, I found a mix of cusotmers sleeping and having fun.
  • 正露丸
    23:25 December 29, 2022
    In terms of age, many are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s
    In terms of body shape, there are many fat people who are more than a little chubby
    Foreigners are also allowed.
    The interior is like a business hotel, not erotic.
    The only facility for anal cleansing is a washlet in the toilet.
    Cards and cashless payment are not accepted.
    It is good that there is a parking lot
  • HERO
    20:00 November 6, 2022
    The building is a little old, but it's spacious.
    If you're in Tokyo, imagine Shinjuku 24 Kaikan, and if you're in Osaka, imagine Daikichi.
    You can also use it as a hotel if you get a private room for an extra charge.

    When entering the store, specify the color of the gown at the reception. Red is young and blue is old.
    There were overwhelmingly many people in red gowns in the store.
    Condoms are free, but there is no lotion, so bring your own.
  • のわら
    02:10 March 31, 2022
    A gorgeous gay sauna that represents Nagoya!
    But they've been closed for a long time because of COVID-19 (crying)
    Wish they reopen as soon as possible.