2.6 / 3
  • たけし
    22:27 July 7, 2024
    The best!
    I've been gay for a long time and I've never been in a place with such friendly and nice staff and customers.
  • 中村
    17:53 June 30, 2024
    Today was my ninth time being restrained blindfolded. I was touched by some guys at the same time. I don't think you can have this kind of experience in other places. It is a good place.
  • 大樹
    09:18 June 4, 2024
    I went there on Sunday June 2nd.
    I was excited to be seen while taking off my clothes in front of the locker.
    I was blindfolded on a chair and sucked.
    After taking a break and cleaning myself up, I was restrained blindfolded on a pipe chair again, and I ejaculated because of the verbal torture and play with me.
    I was very excited.
  • 中村
    05:00 May 27, 2024
    I started attending only on the days of the restraint events and yesterday was my sixth.

    I don't feel good at my nipples, though, I brought my own lubricant and had it applied to my breasts.
    It felt good and I came.

    After that, I let a man in his early twenties who was being restrained cum, and I held a foreigner's dick in my hand.

    I thought it was a nice environment where I could easily touch someone because they were blindfolded, even though I am a shy person.

    Uguisudani station is far from my home, but I like the restraint event because it is a style that suits me.
  • 初心者
    23:52 May 22, 2024
    I went there on May 21st. I was glad to see that there were more types of guys than I expected. Some people were having fun (like sucking continuously), but some people left without playing anything even though they had their pants off. I was surprised to see two young people boldly entangled on the sofa.
  • 中村
    04:05 May 19, 2024
    I wore a blue shirt and yesterday was my 5th time in the club and restraints. I didn't have a conversation but the customers were nice. I don't feel at my nipples, and I love getting a hand-job with lubes being blindfolded and restrained.
    I will definitely come back again!
  • 中村
    23:56 April 30, 2024
    I came to the cruise club for the third time yesterday. The staff was very polite. I wanted to cum, but I went home without being touched. I think timing is important even if you don't have a partner, so I will go back to try again soon!
  • 中村
    20:04 April 14, 2024
    The young clerk was very helpful. I went for the first time today and was blindfolded. I could not move at all and I had no idea who was touching me. It was an unusual experience for me, so I was unusually excited, and I even let out a little gasp, which I usually don't do. After ejaculating, I took off the blindfold and was embarrassed because there were so many people and I was the only one naked, but it was fun!
  • 大樹
    10:29 March 4, 2024
    I had fun in the back private room after the renovation.
    I hope it will continue for a long time.
  • 英孝
    00:33 October 5, 2023
    I went there on a Sunday evening last month. It seemed to be some kind of event, and the place was crowded with visitors gathered near the entrance. In a large room with a screen, short movie siries of "Chikuwa Theater" were being shown. This was erotic and interesting. As I was sitting on the sofa watching it, I felt someone sitting next to me, and then...

    There is no anal sex here (maybe). I think this is for guys who want to enjoy light play.