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  • VergelP
    23:55 March 31, 2024
    Update-- Culture Sauna is temporarily closed from Apr1-10 for internal repairs, so they will reopen Apr 11, the caretaker is very friendly though non-English speaker, you can use your credit card to pay the admission fee (I think all Korean saunas accept credit cards as South Korea is a very digitized nation),
  • かつ
    01:21 March 28, 2024
    They are all old people, but they have baths, and they are a bit lukewarm.
    There is one sauna, and a guy approached me when you sit down.
    When you go upstairs, you will be touched when you sleep at the heated floor. There are two large rooms, but they are connected.
    The ceiling is low, so it is easy to bump your head.
    It was like having fun quickly and leaving in a short time.
    There were people waiting to sleep for a long time.
  • VergelP
    18:07 March 18, 2024
    Culture Sauna is very much open, I visited 8pm of Mar15, 2024 and the place was bustling till early Sunday Eve (Mar17), frequented by mid-aged men (50s and up, about 70% are 60-ish), a few are 30-ish to 40-ish looking, I had fun with a hairy Korean who looks mid-30s then 2 cute daddies after, manage your expectations if you're not into older men (I'm 55 though they say I look 10years younger but I like older men), some days will be miss, sone are hirs (I made out with a 64-yr old guy this morning and he looks younger than me), the owner had the walls in the stairway to the 2nd floor sleepArea repainted pale orange, the toilets have been fixed and new too, though the wet sauna is next I think, heavenly place for dudes like me who love older men.
  • よしだよしお
    23:12 March 10, 2024
    Confirmed March 2024
  • チョルノ3街
    00:47 February 18, 2024
    Entered the sauna after 17:00 on Sunday. Prices are higher, to 12,000 won after 17:00 (10,000 won before 17:00).
    The poor environment in the sauna remains unchanged. However, the slanted lockers had been removed. There were many old men sleeping on the floor.
    One of the two saunas was closed. The only sauna smells like ammonia (you know what I mean). The tiles seem to have been removed.
    I went to the second floor. There were few people there, probably because of the Korean New Year's holiday. The man who was just cleaning the room (though it was just sorting out the scattered towels) yelled at us (probably saying what are you doing?), but the action was still going on. A few people asked me to join them, but I didn't do anything, then it was over.
  • げん
    03:34 January 1, 2024
    There was information that the sauna was under renovation, but as of December 2023, it was open for business.
    There is no sign of remodeling inside the sauna. It is just as it was before. The second floor is still the same as before. You can go there any time of the day and be sure to have fun.
  • いちにー
    22:27 November 3, 2023
    I went to this sauna on two consecutive days, Thursday and Friday.
    Thursday for about 2 hours starting around 9:30pm and Friday for about an hour before 9pm.
    Both facilities and customer base are as others have posted. Both are showing their age.
    The fee was 12000 KRW (Daytime is 10000 KRW) and the receptionist was a woman.
    On the first day, there were only about 4 customers there, including myself, because it was late on a weekday.
    I communicated one of them a little,
    I was sleeping upstairs thinking, "I don't think I can make it today..." when a fat guy (about 40 years old) came to my side. So I put my hand on him, but he was just a waiting. I guess he was just a straight guy who were horny...

    On the second day, there were about 10 customers there, probably because it was a weekend night. Almost all in their 50s and 60s (there was also a guy who looked like he was in his 70s).
    When I entered the sauna on the first floor, there seemed to be a group of older people having fun, and when I entered later, one of them approached mein the sauna.
    When I went up to the second floor, I was followed by an old, metabolic man.
    I refused and refused, but he was following me. So I left the place early.

    Conclusion. If you like old guys and easy going, this sauna may be good for you.
  • Ton
    18:22 April 28, 2023
  • チョルの山河
    18:19 December 22, 2022
  • デブ専
    02:55 February 22, 2020