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  • machoguy
    06:56 August 26, 2023
    definitely the only place to go when your horny. there's a variety of men and you'll surely find one you like. last time i went there was an orgy at the basement where the atmosphere is like in a japanese 'izakaya' where a bottom masculine fit guy laid on the table as hung masculine guys took turns on him. if you're not into action, it sure is still a place for you to watch.
  • イロハ
    21:50 July 21, 2023
    I often go there because it is spacious and crowded. Beards and short hair are popular. It is also nice that the private rooms are spacious. You may feel like you are on the threshold, but there are many different types of people. At any rate, if you are not too old, fat, or have long hair, I think you can get in.
  • 通りもん
    03:07 March 30, 2022
    In the middle of Sumiyoshi. Most of them are short-haired men. There is a sling for ass digging.