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  • tuyoshi
    15:51 February 23, 2024
    I've been taking their personal training for about six months.
    I feel that my body is changing little by little with his careful guidance.
    I will continue to come here because it is not so difficult.
  • jason
    13:07 February 15, 2024
    this is the first time to visit Hakata. the salon place very easy for me to arrive.
    he is very kind.
    i chose 90 minutes massage course.
    He wash my body first with skinship,
    Then massage was good, also erotic option i'm satisfied.
    When i come back to Fukuoka again,
    I want to try again.
  • mark
    06:19 February 1, 2024
    he is muscler and speak English well,
    i enjoyed times
  • どえむ
    13:49 August 21, 2022
    I can't get enough of the body and the service. I can't turn away from the massage and enjoy the options. He loves you to the bone.