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  • 直行
    18:36 February 11, 2024
    I had a great impression of ARENA when I went there before the Covid-19 pandemic, so I went there again for the first time after Covid-19.

    It was a little past 1pm on a Sunday afternoon.
    The "Premium Room," a larger room available for an additional fee, was already full at this point. (I was not sure how many rooms were available...).
    The shower area is also small.

    I requested a 1.5-hour "Body Scrub + Milk Oil Massage" (THB 990-).
    I was told that the difference between regular oil and milk oil is the difference in fragrance....

    Only 5 staff members were available for selection...and the place was busy during the Chinese New Year.
    However, I had a hard time deciding between three of them, and in the end, I chose Mr. MARK, a short-haired, orthodox, handsome man from Chiang Mai in the north of the country.
    He was about 180cm tall, with thick pecs and ripped abs....
    He was perfect.

    He scrubbed my whole body in the first 30 minutes, took a shower, and then went on to an oil massage.
    I was personally very satisfied.
    I paid the tip directly to him before leaving the room.
    The minimum tip for 90 minutes was indicated when I entered the room, but I didn't have enough 100 baht bills, so I paid THB 2,000- considering the service I received. (And also exchanged a line...).

    The payment to the spa was made at the end of the retreat.
    The bill was THB 990, but I paid THB 1,000 and kept the change. (When we left, the masseurs had returned after their rounds, and there were about 15 of them waiting for guests.)
    I gave the manager THB 200, so in total I paid THB 3,200.
    It was quite a splurge, but it was a unique Thai experience.
    Personally, I would like to repeat this spa.
  • tm
    01:31 January 7, 2024
    I visited on January 4th. It is introduced as being on the 2nd floor of Silom Plaza, but it was actually on the 3rd floor.
    It was on the right hand side just after getting off the elevator, and I was approached by a boy outside and asked to come in.

    The price was 690 THB for 1.5h oil massage, 1,200 THB minimum tip, but I gave 1,400 THB, 200 THB to the manager, and 2,290 THB in total.

    First, the masseurs lined up and you choose from among them, but if you tell the manager what you want to some extent, masseurs raises their hand and you can narrow down your choices.
    I requested a guy around 40 years old, and I chose a guy who was my type, but we were the same role.
    I regretted that because he couldn't communicate in English.

    I think it is better to confirm the age, top or bottom, and whether he can speak English or not at the beginning.
    The massage wasn't so good, anyway.
  • tex
    00:10 December 24, 2023
    Have been here quite a few times the last years but I feel even this shop is going downhill. Same old staff that has worked here all those years, but now fewer in number as before. Price has not gone up, but the tricks they play with that to new clients are many and manifold. Each of the 3 rooms I have been in had damages, like AC without cover, shower that could not move or only luke-warm water.
    Even though in the Silom area it remains probably the cheapest and most reliable place-but I have not (yet) been to that 88. (55?!)
    On ground floor of Silom complex is also still ´TheBest´ massage. Can sometimes also provide a little more
  • 広州太郎
    23:05 September 18, 2023
    I walked to Double 8 Massage on my way back from visiting Yunomori Onsen on Saturday, but it was closed, so I went to Arena across the street.
    It was after 12 noon and there were about 10 masseurs there. There were no stocky guys, but mostly muscular guys of normal build, around 30s. The minimum tip was 1200 baht because it was a 90-minute course? The manager explained it to me when I entered the spa.
    I think you need to check the masseur's role with the manager in advance.
    If you like stocky, meaty or big men, I would not recommend this place.
  • BKK大好き
    10:19 July 24, 2023
    A massage parlor that is easily accessible from Silom area.

    Visited around 3pm on a Saturday.
    Lots of massage boys (10 or more) were available.

    1 hour 590THB and other prices were as per the price list posted in the past.

    I chose aroma oil massage 1 hour and selected a short cute looking masseur.
    I gave him a minimum tip of 1000 THB, but he asked for an additional 500 THB.

    It was good because I felt good.
    The spa was Japanese friendly.
  • 悠斗
    02:00 April 14, 2023
  • 3年ぶりのバンコク
    23:43 February 20, 2023
  • hitoshi
    21:55 January 21, 2023
  • 化け猫娘。
    00:50 October 23, 2022
  • mic
    11:44 August 27, 2022