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  • Cc
    19:39 February 10, 2024
    The entrance fee is 200 THB on weekdays and the style is towel-wrapped.
    The customers were mainly in their 30s and 40s, but there are some young local guys as well.
    There are few muscular people, and most of the customers seem to be normal to chubby.
    I entered around 18:00 on a weekday, but the place was crowded with many guys.
    I had a good time with a young local guy with a big dick and muscles!
    Most of them seemed to be very flirtatious, so if you took an action, it would be almost always successful and enjoyable.
    So, even if you are not aggressive, you should be proactive and make a move! There are also young Korean style guys, so I recommend you to visit there once.
  • RING
    12:24 February 5, 2024
    Rates were revised.
    It is about 240 THB even on weekends.
    The place is as crowded as ever.
  • chit lom
    14:11 January 23, 2024
    A naughty and anything goes cruise club. High percentage of Bareback. I think you can have fun if you're not choosy about men.
  • Chu
    01:50 January 17, 2024
    I went to this sauna a little late on a weekday, around 9pm, and there were still less than 30 people there. But as expected, the dark room at the far end was sparsely populated. It is almost impossible to recognize faces and bodies of other guys in the dark room, so it is better to sit on the bench at the bottom of the stairs and watch people entering the dark room. Don't be shocked to see them in the light after you are done.

    The entrance fee was 200 THB.
  • いちにー
    16:01 January 3, 2024
    I went there around 5pm on December 28.
    It was the end of the year and there seemed to be a lot of travelers. When I was walking from the station, there were 3 Chinese guys in front of me and we went straight to the same
    The water area is not clean, so if you are not a fan of it, you may not like it (I am the one who doesn't mind it much).
    The upper floor is a zone where bright, physically confident people are standing in the aisles, looking at the goods,
    Downstairs is pitch-dark and crowded like a crowded train, and they touch you all over the place.
    I am not a hard worker, but I have a rather thick one, so I am more popular in the dark than in the light.
    I was there for about an hour and a half and ended up shooting my load into a big brother.
    If you don't care about your types and just want to have a good time, this is the place for you.
  • けい
    21:41 December 30, 2023
    Admission 200 baht (Saturday)

    Pay the admission fee at the counter on the left when you open the door, and you will receive a piece of paper as proof of payment.

    Walk to the right of the counter and you will see a staff member sitting there.

    As everyone has written, the dark maze (especially the big room at the end of the hall) is very naughty. Until your eyes get used to it, it is pitch black and you can't see anything. After a little time, you will be able to see.

    It was about 5pm on Saturday and there were a lot of people there.
    When I passed by them, they were touching my body.
    It was a rare opportunity for me, so I touched others lol.
    Basically, they don't reject lol.

    The big room at the end of the dark maze is a sight to behold, with a row of guys lined up in a row.
    Basically everyone was very aggressive.

    I didn't use the water because I heard that it was not clean.
    I wiped my dick and body with a wet wipe and left.

    It's a great place for people who want to play quickly.
    When I was getting ready to go back to my locker, the Thai guy who had fun with me called me and we had dinner together.

    Even though they knew I was a foreigner, they were very kind to me.

    I will revisit this place when I come back to Thailand.
  • 23:24 December 29, 2023
    Number of customers: Excellent
    Cleanliness: Not Good
    Lewdness: OK
    Price: Good
    About 5% of the customers are musclemen.

    I went on a weekday evening.
  • Yang
    10:43 December 19, 2023
    I visited in early December.

    I went on a Monday around 4 pm and there were about 50 people there, even though it was a weekday.

    As the reputation goes, people are playing each other in the steam maze and the dark maze.
    However, maybe because it was a weekday? I got the impression that most of them were enjoying light ways.

    The age group was mainly in their 30s.

    I prefer a quick play, so it was a great and cost-effective experience.
  • んぽちゃむ
    15:09 November 23, 2023
    I went there yesterday.
    They seemed to hold some kind of event on Wednesday, so I entered around 5:00 p.m. and it was already crowded.
    Around 5:00 p.m., I couldn't find my type because of the older age group, but after 6:00 p.m., there were more younger people and I enjoyed.

    The ratio of bareback was overwhelmingly high, but you can get condoms and lube at the bar and refill towels at the reception.

    It was still light on the rooftop around 5:00 p.m., but it was exciting to see people having fun in such an environment!
    It was a bit scary, but I would like to come back again.
  • PCD
    23:32 November 20, 2023
    I visited this venue on 10, 12, and 13 in November. The customers there were mostly local, but everyone was very flippant! However, I still feel that Thai people are shy or they are waiting to be approached or for someone to talk to them and get information. I get approached so much after the first one. I feel like if they smile at me and I smile back at them with my type, we are going to a private room. I also went to the underground maze space, but it was so dark that you really couldn't see faces, and some people are not good-looking, so if you want to be a little more discerning, you can follow your type to the bench in front of the maze, where it is a little brighter. Good-looking guys also enter the dark maze (and they are very flirtatious!).