Sales only! NEXT Osaka! Open! We will collect various genres mainly for boys in their teens and 20s!
There are many things I don't understand, but there are still immature parts, but all the staff will do their best! (^^)! In rare cases, training in Tokyo !! A boy who is powering up !!! Maybe he will get a new technique. .. .. (Laughs) We are also recruiting staff for the opening. Please contact me if you like! Newcomers are steadily entering the store! Maybe you can meet your favorite boy (`ー ´) With the increase of staff !!! We are looking for staff! (≧ ∀ ≦) At the NEXT Osaka store, we are looking for a large recruitment now! All short-term and long-term dormitory students are possible !!! Take this opportunity !!!
[Work location] Kita-ku, Osaka / 5 minutes walk from Osaka Station / Umeda Station
[Eligibility / Method] 18-28 years old !! Appearance does not matter !!
Whether you are a student, a member of society, or a part-time worker who wants to make effective use of your free time, it is natural that Urisen has a free dormitory, handing over on the same day, free work, side work, etc. ! Short-term same-day hiring is also possible! Immediate interview → Immediate hiring → We minimize the time to salary! Even simple questions are okay. Please feel free to ask! Call us first !!


NEXT Osaka store
Exit 4 of Nakazakicho Station, 1-2 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Immediately from Exit 4 of Nakazakicho Station! !!
11:00 ~ 25:00
60 minutes: 13,000 yen ~
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Last updated on Oct 31, 2021